“Introducing CR Moore”
• Nov. 16th, 2010 at 8:00 PM

Welcome to Story Magic. I hope you find something that interests you and makes you smile, at least for a little while. Please feel free to read my stories, and my Journal. It is all here for your enjoyment.

There are stories for everyone in Story Magic. Simply settle down with a good beverage of your choice, kick off your shoes and travel through the story world of CR Moore. I hope you find a story that you will enjoy. To all those who know me, you know I love to write. To everyone else, stick around and it will not be long before you know it also.

I was raised by my grandparents who gave me the greatest gift ever known to man, the gift of Literature, Music and Art. My grandmother was always quoting poetry, telling stories’ or reading books to me. Add in the sweet songs she sang, while doing her daily chores, and it was heaven on earth. I can still remember those wonderful pitch-black stormy days, thunder crashing, with brilliant flashes of lightning lighting up the sky. Sitting in front or a toasty fire reading stories such as “Gone With the Wind,” “Little Women” and “Jo’s Boys,” are some of the most cherished memories I have. Of course, my grandmother had made some of my favorite chocolate fried pies, to be enjoyed with what ever story we were into that day.

Talk about wishing for the past…those were the days when I found I loved reading more than I could ever explain to anyone. The first story that I ever wrote, was a story about building a spaceship and going to the moon. I was seven years old and never mind that it was almost entirely plagiarized! After all, it was in a seven-year old child’s words. I just sort of retold it the way I thought it should have been written. The point I am making is, that I wanted to write. Now, after all those years, my grandparents are no longer with me, but I still love to write stories and I do not have to plagiarize to do it. Imagine that.

In the upcoming days I will be posting some of my poems and stories, hopefully for your enjoyment, as well as my own. I have opened my blog up for anyone who wishes to read and respond to my stories. As for the poems I will write, please be gentle with me, for this will be the first time I have ever written any poetry.

Your friend,
C.R. Moore


10 responses to “Home

  1. Professor French

    I love what you are doing with this blog. It just keeps evolving–wonderful! I am just catching up now on your Christmas stories. More comments to come on that!

  2. Donna Griggs

    Hi CR. I really enjoy your writing. You have really learned so much. I am trying to figure out how to save my work, like you save yours, on my blog. I am marquean@wordpress.com. Can you give me a tip on how you do that? Thanks and have a blessed evening. I am in Professor French’s class.

    • Hi Donna,
      It would help if I could go to your blog, but for
      some reason I cannot find you. Perhaps you have it blocked. Anyway, are you
      talking about setting up categories, or are you saying that you cannot save your
      work to your blog? I assume you know how to post on your blog, but if not, then
      you just go to where it says ‘My Blog’ and then click on ‘new post.’ After you
      finish writing, you just check one of the categories that you want your writing
      under, then click on publish. If you have not set up your categories, then you
      will need to do that first. The hand out you received the first day has step by
      step instructions. I was unable to get to your blog, so I could not see, for
      myself, what your problem is. Please feel free to contact me if I have not been
      of any help to you, or should you need my help at any time.
      CR Moore

      • Thanks, CR. Not sure why you can’t get to my blog. I will figure out how to include you as my friend. This does help. I did copy and paste, but I just don’t like the way it is on the blog. Even though I set a category to the specific document, it prints it all on the first page and then references it on the specified tab. Maybe I’m expecting something that can’t happen. Thanks, and I will make sure you can see my blog.

      • I was looking at your blog, and I remember that happening to me, or something like what you are talking about. When you set your category, be sure that no other category is checked. If another box is checked, then it will post it to both. I have my front page set as the home page, but I will have to go in and see how to set it since I have not done that for a long time. Let me know if this helps you or not. If not, then I will see what I can figure out. Your blog looks great, even with your problem.
        Best wishes,
        CR Moore

  3. amalleync

    Interestingly written! Rubber Johnny

  4. Hi CR,

    I just wanted to stopped by and thank you for all the comments and support. 🙂 Also I know you’re probably still working on filling up the journal you jut got a few months ago, I want to share this link with you I’m not sure if you know about the website or not http://www.lovetojournal.com/

  5. Now that is some groovy literature.

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