Journal #2

New class assignment today. I have to write a story, one-thousand words. That is like asking me to pull my teeth out with pliers. One-thousand words to some may seem long, but to me it is too short. When a story starts to come alive, it flows out without any thoughts of my own. The characters come alive and all I am doing is putting them on the page. For my story, I think I want to write about a rude, self-centered husband, who gets his ‘comeuppance’ in the end. Perhaps his wife will leave him or she may find a way to, severely, show him ‘how the cow ate the cabbage’ so to speak. Now to come up with a just punishment for a rude obnoxious husband, a cruel and just punishment is in order. Murder or abuse is out. That is just not acceptable in my life or stories. How to punish a good old boy, that is the question, I must answer before I write. I will write my story tomorrow and post it on my blog.


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