Journal #4

11-17-2010(8:15 pm)
Now that we know what Dr. French wants us to do for the end of semester, she is back on my “Bad WWW list! (My Wicked, Witch of the West list.) I guess it could be worse, we could have had to write a five-page research paper, instead of three hundred words, but I am still going to make her one of my villainous characters very soon. All right, it will be after final grades post. I am not one to “cut my nose off to spite my face. So now the final assignment is, according to Dr. French, “Research and write about available resources to help writers find publication markets. We are to do this in three-hundred words or more.
I went on line in search of any information I could find on this subject and soon found out that there are more warnings out about the publishing frauds than information on publishing. That certainly makes it easy. (Sarcastic voice here) I did read that the first place to look is in the books that you read, if they are the same genre your story is written in. Start with these and then find out what they want and how they want it presented. For my stories, I think ‘Random House’ is one that I would submit to first. In the front pages of most books, authors are usually thanking everyone from their publisher, editor, family members, friends and one author even thanked his dog for his story idea. This is where you may find an editors name to send your manuscript to, instead of sending it “To whom it may concern.”
#1. Locate the addresses of publishing houses, in the books, I have recently read and in the genre, my story is written in and then send off my manuscript to them. However, according to everything I have read, a simple step of searching out an editors name and adding it to the envelope, may improve my chances of having someone actually look at it.
#2. Cold call an editor. This approach is the best chance of having my book published, according to most of the info I have combed through. This means finding an editor who s name shows up the most in the type of book I have written, To do this I will have to go to Borders and the Library and spend a day going through my genre of choice. Which publishing houses are the most prevalent in my genre and whose name appears as the editor the most and make a list of different editor who may be willing to look at my story. I read that I must make my call brief, give my name and a word or two on my qualifications (whatever that means.) Summarize my book idea in a sentence or two. Then offer to submit it, easy as eating pie, Right?


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