Journal #5

11-18-2010(10:35 am)
I am “Eating Crow” once again. Dr. French is officially off my WWW list. We, as humans, often jump to ridiculous conclusions. The dreaded “research paper “that I was so worried about, was upon closer inspection, not a true research paper after all. After reading the instructions, really reading the instructions, I realized that what she was asking for was just something we do each day. Dr. French wanted us to search the net, (which I do every day,) for information that I/our class was interested in and write what I/we had found on the subject of publishing a book that I/we wanted to hopefully publish in the first place. Then merely write in our blog/journal, (I/we do that every day also,) what we found. Ok Dr. French, you will now appear in one of my future stories as the main character that is a simply wonderful person.


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