Journal #6

11-18-2010(12:30 pm)
After writing in my journal earlier, I started thinking about when I first starting writing a story called “The Bar.” The name for the story was from something that was mention by one of the women in my Creative Writing I class. (I write little stories or sentences that are interesting, funny, and sad, and most everything I hear in my, old fashion hand written, journal. At any rate, I would never repeat words I have heard, but in this case I will say thank you to Tiffany H. for the name of my, (hopefully,) book, that I am in the process of writing. If I get it published some day, I will say an official thank you in it. I regress, now back to the point. Ah, yes, my point being, that I went back to the day I started writing “The Bar” and found that it was the Saturday before when Dr. French had told us about her father and his illness. I was writing about Dr. French in my journal, and my story, as it often does, started growing in my mind. In other words, Dr. French, in essence, is Candace, the main character in my book, “The Bar.” Every time we heard something new or did not hear, but asked, I wrote another part of the story. Somehow, I do not know how, the cascading of problems in Candace’s life corresponds with Dr. French. As for the story contents, in all other ways it is different. At least I would hope so. At this time Dr. French, I would like to introduce you to my portrayal of you and keep my promise of your being a delightful, loveable character in one of my stories. Semester is almost over and I will not label you as WWW ever again. I will post my story in my community section.


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