Journal #7

11-19-2010(1:30 pm.)

I have not had a story to come to me in two days. Does this mean I have writer’s block or is this a sign that my brain went on vacation without me. Perhaps I need to get out of the house and listen to things people are saying, just to kick my creative side into gear. I am going to post a poem I wrote, a couple of weeks ago, just because I am not a poet and I am suppose to have two poems posted for class. I wonder if I could bribe the three Poets in my class to write one for me (and not get caught?) Oh, yes, I am sure Dr. French would never notice. It’s not like they are so good at writing poetry or each has their own distinct style, or anything. So, I guess I am stuck with my own feeble attempts at poetry. Good news, this will be the last one, maybe!


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