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“My best friend other than my husband is my Journal. It lets me say anything I want to say. My Journal never tries to hold me back, nor will it put me down. Unlike my computer or teachers, it never complains if I misspell words or punctuate incorrectly. I can talk about my friends or my enemies and say anything I feel like saying about them. My Journal sets me free.
Therefore, here goes my Journals debut.
2-16-2011 (6:45 pm)
Class was so tedious today. Dr. French told us to write that dreadful and greatly detested “RESEARCH” paper. Dr. French is not on my good list today. I think I will write a story about a Horrible, cruel, detestable English teacher and name the main character, you guessed it, Dr. French. I will call my story “The Punisher” after her.

2-28-2011 (4pm)
Dr. French has redeemed herself with the class today. She is on my good list as of now. She told us today that we would not be having a midterm or final this semester. Instead, we will be writing more stories, so that we can become better writers, Yea, Dr. French. I cannot believe Callie asked Dr. French to give us more writing assignments than we already are getting. Callie is on my poop list now, and will probably stay there. I only took this class in the first place because I was told it was a “3 easy credits class, from that so called ex-friend of mine, Linda. What a looser. She was telling me about a date she went on and the guy’s wife caught them together. The creep she was with, told his wife that Linda was a co-worker and that they had just gone out to talk about some important, work related issues. I cannot believe that she is still seeing him.

3-01-2011 (7:15: pm)
I wrote my 1000 word short story for this week. Everyone seemed to love it. Dr. French gave me a high grade on it also. My story was called “Born Looser,” staring none other than Linda. Of course, I changed the names and I added and embellished the story to a great degree, but ex-friends are good for something. I must remember to write everything I hear that sounds funny or dumb, or just different into my Journal. I have learned that these kinds of things will help my story writing tremendously.

3-02-2011 (6:25pm)
I had points knocked of my story today. My fault and I know it. I forgot the cover sheet with the story name, professor’s name and date on it. Now I know to write everything she tries to teach us in my Journal
What did I learn today=
#1 Follow all instructions given by the professor.
#2 Separate characters by speakers and put them in separate paragraphs.
Ex.: What are you asking me? Gary said. Jan replied. I ask you where … (this is wrong)
(This is the correct way to write it.)
Ex. What are you asking me, Gary asked?
Jan replied, I asked you where…
#3 Always put a comma before your, but. (When writing)
Buy J.D. Robb’s new book today. “Glory in Death”


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