Journal #8


I finished working on V-World tonight. I posted it today and I am sure I will find something I need to edit in it tomorrow. That is how it always is. I had fun writing it. There is a blog site that I went on and I saw where they wanted you to buy Virtual gifts for real money. Now what sort of dummy will spend money, or should I say waste money to buy a cheap photo to give out as gifts? Well anyway, the way my creative side works is, when I see something that sparks an idea… those who know me knows that is how my story ideas happen. Therefore, I played around with the idea for a while, and then wrote the story. I left it along for most of the day, but it kept nagging at me so I went back and finished it. If anyone reads it and likes it, please let me know. Tomorrow is class so I will not get to write much in my journal. I will try to write some tomorrow night. I believe I have finished every one of my assignments for this semester. I will check with Dr. French tomorrow and then I will know for sure. It has been a long day of writing and I am tired so I will go to bed now.


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