Journal #10

11-21-2010(11:45 am)

I posted my first written children’s story this morning. I have told children stories for years now and I never wrote them down. What a waste. If I had known how important it was to keep a journal, when I first started telling these stories, I would have enough to fill a room. I would have possibly even published quite a few books by now. Oh well, it is never too late to start. I feel sorry for all of the young adults who take a Creative Writing class and do not feel the need to listen to the Professor and follow instructions. I thought at first that the journal was just what Dr. French had come up with to keep us busy. In my creative mind, I saw a cruel, old WWW, who sat around rubbing her hands together in gleeful thought of torturing us just for her satisfaction. Cackling the whole time as she plotted against us, “Tee, hee, hee, my pretties, guess what I have in store for you this semester.” However, as I wrote in my journal, I became dependent upon it, I could not, not write in it. I use it as my memory of stories I will write someday. Well I guess you could say, I used and will continue to use it for just about everything possible. Thank you Dr. French, you have given me the most important gift in the world, knowledge!


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