Journal #9


Today is Saturday and of course, it is the day I have class. Creative Writing I is a wonderful class. When class first started, three months ago, I was so worried about getting an “A “. Yes, I am human too. Anyway, I had taken quite a few English classes before and I knew that English is a lot of work. I told myself that I could write well enough to make it through this class. (The previous sentence C.W. style is, ”Self,” I said. “You can do this!” (How about that,) at any rate I said it, but like so many others in the class, I was terrified that I was wrong. Now, I know that Creative Writing is the easiest, and the most fun, of any class I have ever taken in my life. Yes, it is work, if you do not want to be a “Paper Tiger,” (= someone who does just enough to pass, but does not follow directions and does only enough to graduate.) but it is work that is so much fun that I wish class did not have to end. I wonder if I can get Dr. French to fail me so that I must take her class again. Now there is an Idea for a story or a straight jacket. Yes, I am enjoying the class so much that I am serious about this. I wonder how she would feel about that, especially since I have an “A” in her class. The truth is I made the grade by just doing what she asked, which was, keep a journal and have fun telling lies, oops, I mean making up stories. I cannot believe that some people dropped the class before they found out it was so easy. If they would have stuck it out long enough to truly see that the class was so much fun, and so easy, it would have helped them tremendously. Oh well, their loss. Now it is time for me to go write my next story.


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