Journal #11

I was not going to write another entry tonight, but I find I am compelled to. I just went on Jenny’s blog tonight and I was so thrilled at what I read there. Jenny is such a beautifully expressive poet. The deep feelings are easily felt when reading her poems. I hope she continues writing poetry, as well as her stories. Today I have been researching birds for a future story. I am using the personalities and first names of everyone in my class. I will not tell who will be who, yet since some things need to wait to be told. Except my favorite ex-WWW, and I will say that she will appear as Dr. French-Owl. I thought about using her first name, but it just did not feel right to call my professor by her first name. The name of my story is “The Case of the Missing Treasure.” Staring none other than Mrs. Callie Crow. How about that? I did not leave myself out. This story is going to take longer to do because of all the research involved, but I am finding it to be fun. DO NOT tell Dr. French that I am enjoying researching for a story. Especially when I put up such a fuss over her wanting us to do a research paper in her class.


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  1. Jenny Prany

    I’m excited to hear your new story’s title is “The Case of the Missing Treasure”! I’m wondering if it’s going to be suspenseful or maybe even scary! Or maybe sarcastic, oh the possibilities! By the way, I looked up birds with green or blue and came up with a bunch of possible last names. I don’t know if this made it easier hehe: “Cerubler” for cerulean warbler, Kingfisher, Lazuli, Gallinule, Budgerigar, or Calliope :D.

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