Journal #12

111-22-2010(9:10 am)

Thanksgiving Day will be here before I know it. I will have to forgo writing as much as I want to and usually do. I use to love the hollidays, before I who had to do all the work. Now I dread the work, but love the good food and warmth of having loved ones share the meal and the day with me. I am almost finished writing the true story “Paper Tiger,” and will be posting it soon. I will post Chapter two of “The Bar,” tomorrow. I am working on Chapter 5, at this time. It is slow going, but I am busy writing other stories at the same time for this class. I have completed all my assignments at this time, but I feel that I should give my all, not just the bare minimum required. I owe it to Dr. French and I owe it to myself. I am NOT a Paper Tiger.

1-22-2010(9:30 am)

I was up untill one o’clockthis morning, writing a story I had put off writing for a long time. It is a true story. I am not one to write too many true stories because it is much more fun writing fiction, but this one needed to be written. It is titled; “Paper Tiger.” I hope other people are reading my blog and will pay attention to this story. It is the harsh, but true account of an ex-college student. I am proud to say that the real person  (whose name I would never divulge,) learned from their mistakes, went back to school and is now able to complete the tasks assigned to them.


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