“Kiana-Leia (Divine-Child-of-God)”

Aoiani, why do so many of the other children always leave us?” Kiana-Leia sighed as she asked the question. Kiana-Leia was wandering through the garden path surrounded by dew kissed, fragrant exotic flowers of all kinds.

Aoiani was sitting on the ledge of the glistening white marble pond, watching the captivating little elfin of a child, dressed in a soft baby pink and white dress, walking towards her. This child made Aoiani’s, heart sings.

Smiling, she dipped her hand into the sparkling blue water of the children’s pond and lifted her eyes to Kiana-Leia.

”Ah, my precious Kiana-Leia, so this is what has you looking so sad this beautiful morning.” Kiana-Leia nodded her darling little head.

“Let me see if I can explain it, so that you can understand. Come sit here beside me.”

Aoiani patted the ledge with her hand, in an age-old gesture of invitation.

Hopping over every glistening vein of black, so that her little foot would not touch any of the black on the marble floor, Kiana Leia grabbed the large column closest to her to steady herself. She reached out and in her hand was a gift of love, to someone she held dear to her heart.

Kiana-Leia gave Aoiani her gift of an exotically beautiful pink flower that she held in her tiny hand, as she sat down beside her.

Smiling, Aoiani accepted the flower and bent down to kiss the radiantly, beautiful, child on the forehead.

This child is as luminous as the sun in heaven and as magnificently beautiful, as the flower she chose to give me. She is a gift from God, thought Aoiani.

“Now sweet Kiana-Leia, which of your many brothers or sisters, did you have to share with the world today.”

Dipping her tiny hand into the water and wiggling her fingers so that the fish in the pond would come to her, Kiana-Leia said in her angelic little voice, “Kaimano, I know he is my brother, God said so! So…why did he leave me here? I thought he loved me and was going to be my brother for always.”

“I think perhaps you have never heard the story of the Awakening.”

Shaking her little head, her curly sun-kissed hair shimmered as it swung back and forth on her back, Kiana-Leia said, “Will you tell me the story, Please?”

“In the beginning of time the birds would not sing. The animals refused to show themselves. The beautiful flowers refused to share their fragrance with the people of the world. The trees all bent towards the ground, as if to show sorrow. Oceans refused to relinquish their bounty, for the entire world to enjoy. The sky would not let man see its magnificence splendor. Of all the people of earth, there were no young to nurture, none would grow old, nor would they die. They simply were.”

“Oh my goodness, Aoiani,” Kiana-Leia said. With her pink little mouth puckering and her chin starting to quiver, she shook her head in apologetic unhappiness. “Couldn’t He make everything alright? Why would he let it be so dreadful….Well, I think he should fix it. I will go tell him right now.” With her face set in absolute determination, Kiana-Leia jumped down off the ledge and stomped her tiny little foot. She would have marched off to do exactly what she said she would do, if Aoiani had not reached out and stopped her.

Laughing, Aoiani said. “Wait my precious little anela (angel.) You must wait, unwearyingly, for the story to end. Then if you feel you still need to speak with him, you may do so.”

Kiana-Leia gave Aoiani one of her angelic smiles and said. “Please hurry, I do not know why, but I am feeling as if something is about to…, maybe it is just that I want all stories to be happy.”

“Yes, I understand. Time is irrelevant and moves quickly here.”

“As I was saying, The Father looked down upon the earth and was concerned. He walked through the majestic marble halls of heaven, His splendid robes flowing around him, contemplating the problem. He glanced up when he heard a group of the cherubs playing and laughing and our Father laughed joyously. He now understood what he had to do. His earth was weeping; they had no reason to be joyful for they were childless. This He could correct. God walked to the entrance of heaven, out into the great garden of life, and said for all to hear, “Aloha-Mai-No, Aloha-Aku-No. (you give your love to me; I give my love to you.)”

“That day, the first children were born to the people of earth. The Birds started singing; the animals came out for all to see. Flowers sent out their sweet essence and oceans released their bounty. Trees stood straight and tall, reaching towards the opening magnificence of the heavens, to give thanks. Man no longer wanted to live forever. They had everything needed to give them life.
The Awakening had begun.”

Kiana-Leia stood up, slowly turned to face Aoiani. “Oh my goodness, that is an amazing story.” Her cherubic cheeks glistened with tears. Slowly, she asked her most important question. “Is that where all the children have gone, and Kaimano?”

Aoiani stood up and walked the few steps to Kiana-Leia. Bending down she kissed her on the cheek. “Yes little Anela (Angel), your brother left a few years ago now. Soon, you will see him, because today is your Awakening.

Aoiani stepped back from Kiana-Leia. She raised her eyes and looked upon her guardian angel. Aoiani was the essence of good and loveliness as she shimmered in the brilliant light, dressed all in white, golden hair that looked like sunshine itself, glistened. She wore a garland of flowers in her hair.

Fading away, Aoiani spread her wings, bowed her head and said, “Mahalo-E-Ke-Akua-No-Keia-Lo, Hele-mei-hoohi-wa-hi-wa. (Thanks-be-to-God-for-this-day, Come-celebrate) Today heaven rejoices. Give my love to, Kaimano, now called Sam,” Aoiani whispered.

Annarose was born.


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