“Blake and Hopper”

Blake woke up bright and early and jumped out of bed. The stars were still shining bright. “I have to get dressed quickly today,” He said aloud.

After he had dressed in his favorite purple shirt and his old blue jeans, he finished brushing his teeth and hair and then ran into the kitchen to eat his breakfast.

After breakfast, Blake asked his Mom if she would fix him a lunch. He wanted to have a picnic today with his new friend.”

“I have a new friend and he said he would meet me at my cave this morning. His name is Hopper Green-Frog and Daddy saw him yesterday too. May I go, please?”

Mom made his favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. She also gave him a thermos of milk.

“Blake, I want you to promise me you will not leave our yard!” Blake promised his Mom as he ran out the back door.

Blake laughed as he ran into his new cave. When he went inside, he looked all around.

Hopper was nowhere in sight. Blake yelled, “Hopper where are you?”

All of a sudden, Hopper jumped up on a big rock and croaked, “Here I am Blake. I have been here, waiting for you. What shall we do today?”

Blake thought, and thought. “I know, we can go to the stream and pretend it is a big beautiful lake.” That was just what they did.

“Oh, Hopper” Blake said, “isn’t it a wonderful lake. Look over there, have you ever seen such a big and beautiful swan?”

“His name is Cygnus and he is the King of the Trumpeter Swans. I wonder what he is doing here, he seldom lets people see him. I have an idea, why don’t we just go and ask him.”

Blake and Hopper ran down to the lake as fast as they could.

“Hi Cygnus,” Hopper yelled. “Where are you going?”

“I was just coming to see if you and your friend would like to go for a ride around the lake with me?”

“Yes,” Blake and Hopper yelled at the same time.

Hopper introduced Blake and Cygnus to each other and they were on their way.

They saw all sorts of fun places where they might one day come back and investigate.

When they got to the far side of the lake, they saw a group of children playing on the shore.

“I am going to take a nap,” Cygnus said. “It is extremely tiring carrying extra weight on my back. Why don’t you play with them for a while?”

“Sure,” Blake replied, ” just call when you want to leave.”

Blake and Hopper ran off to play and King Cygnus put his head under his wing and went to sleep.

Hopper decided he wanted a swim and then to sun on a log for a while.

Blake ran to play with the children. After everyone told each other their names. There were many names to learn that day. Blake and the other children a wonderful time playing in the woods

Hide and seek was so much fun!

Blake laughed and laughed when it was his turn to be the seeker. Hide and seek was a lot more fun when there were a lot of children to find.

He was looking everywhere for his new friends. When he looked up in a big Oak tree, on every limb in the tree,Blake saw all the children trying to hide there. It was so funny that he just pointed up at them and started laughing!

“Look,” Blake yelled to the children that he had found already. “I found the strangest family of birds that I have ever seen.”

Everyone was laughing about the new bird family when Blake heard a trumpet sound coming from the lake.

“It’s time for me to go, that’s King Cygnus calling me.”

The children walked Blake to the edge of the woods, there they hugged him and said goodbye, each child asking him to return tomorrow.

As Blake and Hopper were telling King Cygnus all about their morning, Cygnus interrupted them and told them to look towards the shore.

In front of them was a beautiful lady swan and a chest full of treasure was on the bank of the lake.

The King introduced her to Blake and Hopper.

This is my wife, Queen Swen and she guards the fairy treasure from the evil trolls. They are afraid of her because her beautiful

song will turn them into rocks.”

“Did you ever have to turn any trolls into rocks before?” Hopper asked her.

“If you look down in the water, you will see hundreds of rocks. They all were once trolls.”

“Wow, I see them! Why don’t they learn to stay away? “Blake said. ”

“Now that is something we have wondered about for a long time,” replied King Cygnus.

“It was nice to meet you both,” Queen Swen said as they were leaving.

King Cygnus let them off in front of the cave entrance, under the shade of trees so thick that it looked like night; he swam away, with the promise of returning the following day.

After lunch, Blake and Hopper played King of the Hill. Blake was king for five whole minutes, then he lost his kingdom when Hopper jumped on him and they both tumbled down.

“Let’s play Hide and Seek; I want to try to find you,” Hopper told Blake.

They played for hours hiding from each other, climbing walls that had foot holds on them, running and hiding in the different rooms in the caves. They had so much fun that day.

When the sun went down and the stars started coming out, Blake built a campfire, so that Hopper would be warm and cozy for the night.

He told Hopper it was time for him to go home.

Blake climbed a tree to see if he could see any of the friends. that he had met that day.

He could see no one, so Blake got down from the tree and headed home.

Soon he could smell dinner cooking; he ran the rest of the way home.

Blake could hardly wait; he wanted to tell his Parents and Grandparents all about Hopper and King Cygnus.



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  1. Jenny Prany

    “Grandma I like this story even more!” xD. So the reason I liked this story more is because I felt, what is the word….immersed into the world? Yeah I guess that word…well I felt more led into the world. I loved the dialogue between Blake’s buddies too :D. When Queen Swen was introduced, and she told Blake about the trolls turning into rocks, I thought the story might’ve turned into a tradgedy where Blake turned into a rock. Wait why would he turn into a rock when he isn’t a troll. Oh man my head isn’t working right xD. Anyway, I feel like you’re my grandma telling me stories :D, do tell me more :DDDD

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