Journal #15

I am sitting here wanting to write and needing to clean house and get started cooking. As you can see, I chose to write first. Now you know where my priority lies. (I was listening in class Dr. French!) I am just kidding, I will get back to work in the kitchen after I finish my journal entry. I just feel that it is important to write in my journal even if I have nothing to say. I have discovered that the more I write, the more I want to write. I really want to get back to “The Bar” and to “The Sewing Circle” soon. I have decided that I will expand these two stories and hopefully they will become novels. I left out so much that I wanted to tell in these stories. I never turned “The Bar” in as a class assignment, simply because Dr. French wanted only one-thousand word stories to be turned in. Now that was the hardest thing I was asked to do, for class, this whole semester. I should get an extra grade for that, I think! So here goes my argument to Dr. French…”That is not fair Dr. French. You said we could write anything we wanted in our journal and our blog. I do not understand how you could take one-hundred-fifty points away from me. I only called you a WWW once or twice… well… ok, so it was like twenty or thirty times, but I did keep my stories at one-thousand words,… all right, most of the time, and that was so hard for me. So….” I guess I will give up on the thought of talking her into that, perhaps next time. Well it is off to work in the kitchen I will go. I hope to add another journal entry tonight.


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