Journal #13

Dr. French, bless her little WWW heart, just reminded me that I had not mentioned the sites where I found my information, on how to get your book published. Ok… First, the truth is I can only remember the name of one site that I went to and it was the, Publishing Law Center, , site. The reason I could not remember the other names of web sites is as follows; When you google how to get your book published, you have two-hundred and fifty-million to chose from. Now how the heck would Dr. French expect me to remember that. I know I am good…but, that is streaching it a bit. So, I waded back into the frey and found basically the same information as I had found before. Here are two others that seem ok. They all have the same info.

FYI; There are 255 million web sites to tell you how to publish your book, so does that mean there are over 255 million authors? It is possible that all these web sites are telling you how, but they have never published a book? Now that is scary. For all those who would like to have a book in hand to get their information from, I would suggest you buy “Getting Your Book Published for Dummies.” I know I am going to buy one. Now am I finished with my “final” assignment, Dr. French? If so, then it is time to get back to writing stories.


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