Journal #17

Today was a wonderful day. Food, family and friends, what a blessed way to spend your Thanksgiving day. Tomorrow starts the work all over again. Finals are just around the corner with Christmas on its heals. This next month is the busiest of the year and I am planing on enjoying every tiring moment of it. This coming week I plan on finishing the proofing of “Paper Tiger” and posting it in my blog. I hope to be able to jump back into writing, but I feel as if I have forgotten how to write in just two days. Perhaps I am just too full of great food and chocolate pie to think. I want to get back to work on my story “The Case of the missing Treasure,” also. Today my granddaughter, Hayden, ask her great-grandmother to fold the napkin (which happened to be red) into a triangle and tie it on her head to use as a headscarf or as a babushka, as GG calls it. Hayden then proceeded to act out “Little Red Riding Hood.” GG was to be the big bad wolf, who was dressed up as the grandmother and I was to be the one who saver her. It was wonderful to see a three-year old act out the story. Hayden was also the choreographer, and a very hard taskmaster she was. She told us what to say, how to say it and when to say our lines. All in all the play went well.  Blake, our grandson, is learning to walk and we were able to see him take a few steps. He is such a good baby and is just about the happiest little boy in the world. The only time I have ever seen him upset is when he is sleepy. Today was wonderful. We are truly blessed.


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