Journal #18

Thanksgiving is over and now I must get back to work. I just read “Blake and Hopper and discovered that I had made mistakes, that somehow I had failed to see. I corrected them and I am sure that I will find more when I read it again. I would assume, that I will also find many more mistakes in my other stories. Oh well, as long as I find them, it is better than not finding them. I am proud of myself, since I continued to write in my Journal’s every day this week. I hope to get back into writing stories this weekend. I sent Dr. French’s Mom a message,( that if she wanted to know what her daughter was up to, abusing her poor little students, that she should read my journal.) but I doubt she gave her the message. Even Dr’s are of afraid to let their Mom’s know what they are up to, all the time. Can you believe this semester is all most over? I have heard so many friends, who are students, complaining about their classes and how they hate them. The truth is that everyone in our class has enjoyed it. This class is so much fun and to be honest, Dr. French is a wonderful professor. Now, that’s enough of honesty. Honesty is great in life, but I find it boring in Creative Writing. I wonder how it can be done… If I am telling the truth about someone then I must forego the creative aspect of my writing. If I create a story to spruce up a person’s life, then I will not be telling the truth, therefore, I am in trouble any way I go. I suppose that is why I will not tell truths, at least not whole truths in my story. I also have to draw the line at being totally truthful in my journal. In all lies or stories, there is always a “mustard seed”  worth of truth. It is my job to hide it and if the reader wishes, they may try to find it. Time to go to sleep. I want to dream fairy tales tonight, but I hope the big bad WWW does not interrupt my dream with a fifty page research paper…”Yes my pretty, you will write a fifty page research paper and it must all be true. And by the way, my pretty, tee, he, he, it must also be creative.” There goes my good nights sleep.


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