“Hayden and Grandpa’s Jungle Trip”

Once upon a time, only yesterday I think,

Out in the yard before I could blink,

Grandpa and I went on a trip,

We were wading through the grass up to my hip.

Once in the yard the magic did start,

When through the mist the curtain did part,

Through time and space our trip did begin,

I was glad my Grandpa was also my friend.

When up with a start came the wind,

My heart started to race my life to defend,

What sounded like drums I thought I did hear,

I truly was hoping it was not a bear.

Grandpa held my hand and to my delight,

He held on tight and chased away my fright,

I became stronger because Grandpa was near,

I was not afraid of a silly old bear.

Grandpa pointed to what I soon saw was a deer,

I had nothing to fear with my Grandpa so near,

Now wasn’t that silly I thought to myself,

The sweet little deer was cute as an elf.

Soon the jungle we had to leave,

Grandpa said Grandma a story would weave,

Night was coming too quick see,

Tonight in bed there would be another trip for me.


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One response to ““Hayden and Grandpa’s Jungle Trip”

  1. Jenny Prany

    Yaaaay! I liked this poem a lot because it was adventurous, tells a story yet is still a poem, and rhymes of course :D. You’ve kind of inspired me to want to write a poem that tells a story too. I liked this almost as much as your Grampa story 🙂 . I just like the Grampa poem a little more because you put in those references and made it work without sounding corny. Eh, they’re both lovely, nice job! Maybe I’ll think of a poem idea to write/continue brainstorming for my story while I’m not paying attention in Geology tomorrow >:]

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