Journal #21

Today starts the work week over again. Classes are back in session and now I must get back to writing… So what do I write about? Dang if I know. I think my brain has gone on vacation and left me home alone, once again. I have three stories that I am working on and yet I cannot seem to make them come alive today. I have research to do on “The Sewing Circle,” chapter III. I also need to do some research on “The Case of the Missing Treasure.” As for “The Bar,” my brain needs to return so that I can complete chapter V. I think that today I will start with the research and just go from there. There seem to be a few people visiting my blog, but no one, other than Jenny and Fred leave a comment or rate my stories. Maybe they just do not like them. Oh well, I cannot please everyone, so I will just please myself.


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  1. Just give it time, they will come : )

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