Journal #22

It is 10:30 at night and I am wanting to write now, is my timing off or what. Oh well, hopefully I will still be in my writing mode tomorrow. I finished the story called “This Time,” and I wrote another poem for Hayden today. I called it “Hayden’s and Grandpa’s Jungle Trip.” It is about a child’s imagination taking off during a trip, into the yard, to see deers in the evening. I will try to write something for Blake tomorrow. He is still so young it is hard to know which way his imagination will take him. It is still fun for me to try to come up with stories for him using what I see him doing. Of course I think my grandchildren are the greatest in the world. I hope to leave a plethora of stories for them when I am no longer here to write. Just a note to Dr. French… I hope you are feeling better and I hope to see you this Saturday in class.


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