“This Time”

“I thought we were going out tonight.” Trisha Novak asked the man on the other end of the phone.

After a few minutes, she said, “Sure I understand Colby. This is our vacation and a business trip for you.” She intoned resignedly, “It is just that we have been in Hawaii for three days and I only get to see you at breakfast.”

Again she listened, only this time it was to just listen to his whining about how she should understand that he was the president of a large corporation, blah, blah, blah. Trisha stopped listening to his self-importance tirade.

Trisha had begun to wonder what she had seen in him in the first place. “No I do not want to mess up this wonderful chance for you. Of course I want to see your company be successful,” Enough, Trisha thought. When was enough, enough?

“Oh, I guess I will go to one of the Islands. Where…, oh, Molokai and I think I will have dinner there also; they say it has the most beautiful sunsets. I will see you tomorrow, if you can find the time. All right, I will call you when I return from the Island. See you then,” Trisha hung up the phone and walked out the door.

As she walked out in the tropical gardens provided at the Four Seasons Hotel, Trisha’s mind was on her conversations with Colby she had over the last three days. She found a hidden alcove surrounded by fragrant flowers that were unique to the Island.

Trisha decided to sit on the stone bench for a while. She knew she had to really consider the consequences if she were to marry Colby. “I don’t think I love him,” She whispered aloud, as she leaned back and closed her eyes.

Trisha opened her eyes and listened, a noise, a voice, what had she heard? As she sat there straining to listen to see if her peaceful sanctuary would be discovered she heard his voice.

“I do love you Ashley, but you know I have to marry Trisha, we need her money.”

Trisha was devastated. Every man she had ever dated had been interested in her inheritance, not her. She was about to step out and face Colby, when she froze in her tracks.

“Please marry her and let’s get this finished, please?”

“I know sweetheart, I am going to ask her to marry me tomorrow, here on the Island. I have booked a Pacific Island cruise and I am going to tell her it is for our honeymoon.”

“Yes.” The unknown Ashley squealed in delight. “Colby, just how are you planning to kill her?”

Trisha’s eyes opened wide, in sheer horror of what she was overhearing. She covered her mouth with her hands to keep from making a sound. Trisha did not doubt that if Colby and Ashley were to find her concealed there, she was a dead woman.

“That is the ingenious part of my plan. She will go overboard on our wedding night. Poor pitiful me, I will be so utterly distraught.”

“Magnificently wicked, can I come on the cruise too?” Ashley asked Colby.

“It will be glorious; I can just see it now.” Colby said, ignoring Ashley’s question.

Trisha heard Colby say something about her having left the Island now and their voiced faded in the distance, as they walked away.

The tears fell uncontrolled down her cheeks, as the horrendous images Colby and Ashley’s words had created, came unbidden and unchecked into her mind.

“Dead, he wants me dead. How could I have been so ignorant, to believe anyone would ever want me,” Trisha asked the rhetorical question. Money that is all men consider when they see a rich woman.

Daddy warned me after he divorced his fourth wife, Deb. “At least she was willing to take your money without wanting to kill you Daddy,” Trisha whispered up to the heavens, as she hurriedly walked the garden path towards the back of the hotel.

No longer could she smell the sweetness of the flowers that surrounded her. She saw only malevolence everywhere, lurking, waiting for her. She had to get off this Island, now.

Trisha was shaking her head, “No, I need to charter an airplane now; I want to leave here immediately.” Trisha all but yelled at the woman behind the counter.

“I tell you lady, now is pilot rest time. He not take you away from Island till two o’clock,” she said with her native Islander accent and a beatific smile on her fascinating full face.

Disgusted, Trisha shook her head vehemently, “No, this simply will not do. Please get me out of Hawaii.” It was at this moment that a tall, extremely handsome, well-built, blond man walked into the room.

“Hi, I’m David Yohanson, what can we help you with?”

Once again, Trisha explained her need for a chartered plane.

“Where would you like to go,” He asked.

“To Papeete Polynesia.,” Trisha said.

He inclined his head in acknowledgment. “Akanahe, tell Garret where I’ve gone, and-“

“I understand David, the beautiful red hair Wahini wish me to tell no one she goes with you.” David bent to give the laughing Akanahe a kiss on the cheek.

When they had been in flight for around three hours David started frowning. They had flown into a seriously bad storm.” Looks as if we are in for some bad weather,” he said at the exact moment that lightning hit the plane’s single engine. The plane’s engine caught fire and immediately rocketed towards the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

Trisha’s last words, before they hit the sparkling water was, “this time, no one win.”  As tears rolled down her cheeks.

When Trisha opened her eyes, she saw a gorgeous blond male guardian angel hovering in front of her,” I’m in heaven.” Trisha smiled and closed her eyes.

“Not yet, only paradise, this time, you win,” David said. He kissed her cheek, laid down beside her, and said. “Thank


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  1. Jenny Prany

    Hi Redonia, I was just watching this show called Hawaii Five O and then I read your story and it took place in Hawaii! I had a pretty accurate thought on the scenery in your story for it :). I have to say, I was a just a little confused until I re-read it. In the beginning, I thought that Colby was the rich one, then saw that it was actually Trisha xD. Also at the end, David sounds good lookin in my book :D! The only thing I thought that was weird was how he kissed her at the end, didn’t they only know each other for at least 3 hours? Well if he’s that good looking I guess its okay huh? xD

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