8:10 am,

Today is the day for writing or at least I hope so. As I have said many times before, I do not find my stories, they find me. That being said, I hope they find me today. At least I am back to my normal routine of washing dishes, clothes, cleaning the house and cooking. In other words… Whats for dinner now that everyone is tired of leftovers. I wish I could wake up of a morning and say…” I know exactly what we are having today for dinner. This does not happen for me. If I ask my husband he, in his oh so helpful way, always says “just cook something easy honey. You know I am easy to please.” Where that is true, he is easy to please, in the dinner department, that statement is of no help what-so-every. I am still left with trying to figure out…Whats for dinner! I guess I will go to my much-loved cookbooks and see what I can come up with, for dinner, before I start my story writing.


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