Journal #25


Wow, can you believe it is already the first day of December? Where has the year gone? For that matter and at my age I would be stating my rhetorical question more accurately if I were to ask where have all the years gone? It seems like only yesterday I was a child trying to pretend that I was older than I was. Now it is probably time for me to buy all the face putty I can find to pretend I am younger than I am! My husband(the sweet-heart,) says…”No honey, you are not looking old…and, of course you don’t need all that thick goop on your face…” Like I said before, my husband finds it hard to tell the truth. Of course it could be that he knows who bakes his homemade Italian bread and butters it. I guess you could say he knows better than to “Cut his nose off to spite his face.”  I just do not get it! Why is it every I go back and read my stories, I find something else I need to fix? I think I would be better off to not re-read the stories. Perhaps there is a computer poltergeist, in my computer or on my blog, that are mischievous and simply change a few things in my stories, as I sleep. Humm, do I smell a story here? I will put this idea on the back burner of my mind and see what happens. For now, it is time to finish my research on “The case of the Missing Treasure.” Sorry Jenny, but this is a children’s story.


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