Journal #30

I felt sorry for Jenny, so I put up chapter IV of “The Bar.” Today has been filled with a full day of writing, re-writing and research. I will be glad when Saturday is here. I miss going to class and even miss Dr. French, affectionately called WWW, sometimes. Creative Writing classes are the most fun a person can have in college and get a grade in. I do not know many people who say… “Wow! That Government class is so much fun that I wish I could stay in this class forever.” Come to think of it, I have never heard anyone say that. Now for “The Bar,” I think it is time to move Stacks into the scene a bit more and to allow a little more depth and personality, to rise to the surface, as far as Gloria is concerned. All three of the other characters will have their fifteen minutes of fame also. I need to figure out how I want to add them in though. Do I want to bring them in one at a time in this book, or do I want to allow only a small part to show through and then write other books where they are the main characters. I know this is weird, but when I started this story, Gloria was going to be the main character and Candace was to be a little sub-character, but, somehow Candace took over the main spot and the story became about her. I swear, some stories the author will rule the action and write what they want on the paper, and some stories, allow the author to put them on paper, but the characters rule the action.


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