“The Bar” Chapter IV

“It was still raining and I was wetter than I had been earlier, if that was even possible. Anyway, I took my key out, put it in the lock, turned it and nothing happened.”

“What do you mean nothing happened. Were you expecting the house to blow up or something?” Gloria said with burst of laughter.”

“To tell you the truth, after the day I was having that would be just about right.”

“No, what I mean is that, no matter what I did, the door would not open. I finally decided to take the key out of the lock and see if perhaps I had made a mistake, earlier, in the parking lot and had taken the back door key instead.”

“That was when I realized; once again, I had more problems. I could not remove the key from the lock. I became so angry that I simply started wrenching it to get it out of the door. As you would expect, after the morning I had already had, the key broke off in the door.”

“Candace, did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe, that you were having one of those days when you should have just stayed in bed?”

“You think? Candace replied and both Gloria and Candace broke out in hilarious laughter.

The Bar had filled up with people and the noise was at a crescendo level, but they still heard Sheila, over the noise, when she yelled out to them, over the noise.

“I heard that and you had better remember what all that laughter was about, so that you can tell me tomorrow. Do you hear me Gloria?”

Still laughing Gloria waved to Sheila to let her know she heard.

“So what did you do after the key broke off?”

“Exactly what most anyone whose day was going the way mine was, I sat down on the porch and cried.”

“Oh, sweetie, that is so sad.” Gloria said.

“Oh, it was not because I was sad, it was because I was so exasperated with the whole day. Minute by minute something was going wrong and I was simply tired of it.”

“I just wanted to take a shower and go to bed. I really believed that I was not asking too much from this lousy day.”

Shaking her head, Gloria asked,” Did you have your back door key with you, or a key hidden  somewhere in the yard?”

“Of course not, that would have made my life too uncomplicated. No, the only thing I could do was go through the kitchen window. Since that is the only window I ever leave unlocked, it was my only choice.”

While Candace waited for Gloria to formulate the next question, she wanted to ask, she glanced around at the beautiful wall sconces. They gave the place an old world, romantic feel.

This was such a cozy comfortable bar, just the kind of place she would love to spend an evening with someone in.

If she was on a romantic date, with a good-looking, sexy, heart-throb like Stacks…Where the heck did that thought come from, Candace mentally chastised herself.

Gloria asked, “What about calling a locksmith, you had your cell phone with you, didn’t you?”

The question caused Candace to laugh, and with a slight nod of her head, she continued telling Gloria the details. “I did have my cell phone with me and I did call the locksmith.”

“Actually, I called every locksmith in town. They were all-busy and wanted to either set me up with an appointment or I was told that they could be there at about six in the evening, if I was in a hurry.”

“Well, I was in a hurry. Therefore, I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands. I was going to break into my home. I wanted to have a shower and I wanted to be dry. I was taking my day back. I was woman. I was in charge. I was full of malarkey, as I was soon to discover.”

“My home is built on land that gradually slopes down towards the back yard. This being the case, the builders found that the best thing to do was, raise the front of the house only six to eight inches off the ground. The back, however,is a at least four feet from the ground, which created the need for a ladder.”

Having said all that, this meant that the window I needed to climb in through, was at least six feet off the ground, if not more.”

“The ladder was in the garage. When I finally found the ladder behind stacks of boxes, I was feeling quite strong and full of indignant stridency. I was so angry with everyone and everything to do with this appallingly bad day, I felt as though I could scream. I grabbed the old ladder and headed back out into the pouring rain, to the kitchen window.”

“Why the heck does it have to be this window, why not one of the windows in the front of the house?” I knew why of course, I would never leave a window unlocked that would give intruders easy access into my home.”

“Now, that I was in need of gaining access to my home, I realized that I needed to come up with a future, alternative, plan of entry. Or better yet, I should have just sold it when Mr. Francois Dubois asked me to sell to him.”

“As I sat the ladder under the window, I realized it was in worse shape than I had first thought. Rickety as it was I had to go ahead and use it this one last time. I made a vow to the ladder, that if it would just get me up to that window, I would replace it as soon as I had my car back.”

“Every step up the ladder was shakier and scarier than the previous step. At the top of the ladder, I grasped the window to try to stop the ladder from wobbling.”

“Once the ladder stabilized, as much as it could, I slowly raised the window. It was at mid chest level and it was sticking due to the wet weather we were having, but I was able to open it.”

“The house was my inheritance from my grandparents, so it was rather old, and all the windows had a tendency to stick, when it was raining.”

“The window was on the small side, but large enough for me to climb through, no problem right?”

Gloria was nodding in agreement, as Candace continued.

”I stuck my head through the window, braced my hands on the ledge, lifted my body up and pushed myself halfway into the open window.”

“As I kicked off the ladder, I heard it fall and it sounded as though it broke apart, when it hit the ground. I guess I must have also bumped into the open window, somehow, because the window slid down on to my back.”

“Oh Candace, this is absolutely crazy. I have heard about, bad days, that people have had, but this has to be the mother of all bad days.” Gloria said as she emphasized bad days with her hands each time she said it.

“It felt worse than crazy to me, at the time it was happening.”

Gloria asked Candace if she would like another drink.

“Do you know if they serve coffee? I believe I have had enough of the hard stuff for one night.”

“They sure do, Stacks always has a fresh pot of coffee on.” Gloria told Candace as she waved to Sheila to gain her attention.

After a few minutes, Sheila came to their table and took their order. Both women had switched to coffee.

“Candace I was wondering, were you always this accident prone?” Gloria asked while laughing.

Candace started laughing again. “Good Lord Gloria, I would not have lived this long if I would have been.”

Sheila returned with their coffee, and expressed her regret of not being able to join them, then left to take care of the other customers in the bar.

“Please continue with your story, Candace. I can hardly wait to hear how you get out of this mess.”

To be continued…



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4 responses to ““The Bar” Chapter IV

  1. Jenny Prany

    Oh dear lord, I’ve had the ladder part happen to me while breaking in through the kitchen window xDD. I sooo know how she felt, for maybe a second. My cousins pushed me through and it wasn’t high! How high up was her kitchen window, can you give me some measurements :D. Oh and it wasn’t raining like in her case, poor thing nyahahaha. I hope as you continue the story, you let her have a not-so-miserable life xD . You know what’s good about your chapters, or rather your character Candace. I feel when she’s telling the story, I forget that they’re in the bar and I actually see more of her having the bad day 🙂

    • Hi Jenny, The next time I edit the story, I will explain that the house is built on a slight hill, which makes the bottom ledge of the kitchen window, about six feet off the ground. Thank you for asking the much need questions that will help with the growth of my story, as well as my writing ability. Please continue asking these kinds of questions. My idea of telling the story in a bar setting, was to show her need to have someone to talk to and that not all people who go to bars, go there to get drunk. The drink she ordered is ordinarily called a ‘virgin” salty dog. No alcohol, only grapefruit juice with a tiny bit of salt around the edge of the glass. Now for the rest of the story… you will just have to stick around to find out. Your friend, Redonia

  2. Fred Moore

    She just can’t catch a break, what a week so far, what’s next! I can’t wait to read the next chapter.

    • I replied to your post, you may want to check it out! I know you clicked on the little stars, cause you luvvvv me soooo much! I love you to God and back

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