“The Sparkle In My Mind”

From out of the dark, deep in my mind,

A tiny sparkle flickered, trying to shine,

I thought at first, it could not be,

Humph, I said, there is no sparkle in me,

Then that sparkle did flicker again,

Is it a thought, a plan, a story deep within,

Never had there been a sparkle inside of me,

I decided to give it a chance and see,

I picked up a pen, deciding to do my best,

Putting pen to paper, my sparkle did the rest,

As I wrote all through that long night,

My sparkle began to burn, ever so bright,

When the morning sun, shone down on me,

I put down my pen, looked at the paper to see,

There on my paper was a wonderful sight,

It was a story I saw, to my heartfelt delight,

So now, when that little sparkle starts to shine,

I pick up my pen and open my mind.



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5 responses to ““The Sparkle In My Mind”

  1. Fred Moore

    Excellent! Really liked it, nice rhyming.

  2. Jenny Prany

    This poem seems like it should have a little illustration. You know those children’s books with a little illustration to the side or the bottom :D. As always good job with rhyming. Poems are fun with rhymes :].

    • To tell you the truth, rhyming poems are the only poems I care to write. Any other type and they just sound like chopped up stories. Well not other people’s poetry, just mine. A lot of my poetry for children, are really stories for my grandchildren. Your friend, Redonia

  3. Jenny Prany

    I’ll become one of your adopted grandchildren :DDDD. I do love listening to stories, you keep them simple and entertaining. I have an ear to listen to stories, boring or exciting, I’ll listen to all!

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