Journal #31

Tomorrow is when we will finally be going back to class. Fourteen days between classes, and no one, other than Jenny, that I know of, has done any thing on their blogs. What is going on here? It is possible that they have there blogs somewhere else, but if not… 400 points is too much for me to throw away. If I am right, 1000 – 400 = 600, which equals – 1 1/2 grade level drop, if everything is not completed on time. Anyway, it is not my place to worry about their grades, they are all adults. Time to get off my “Paper Tiger” soap box and get to work, myself.



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2 responses to “Journal #31

  1. Jenny Prany

    There really isn’t any “work” that you have to be doing anymore right xD. You finished the assignment, now everything you post is enjoyable :D. Do you know if Dr. French is posting anything o.o?

  2. Yes, I have finished all of my assignment, well… unless Dr. French say’s that I missed something. The writing that I am doing now is for me and for fun. Yours is almost finished. All you have left is #4. You could have that done in fifteen minutes. I do not think she would post things on a blog, she is busy trying to read ours… Not too much work if no one else has written anything! Dr. French also teaches Business English.

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