Journal #32

Tonight my mind and my eyes are tired. I have worked on “The Bar” for three days, and I am ready for a break. I will stay away from “The Bar,” for a few days and write something else. That way when I go back to the story I will be able to see some of my mistakes. I think I will post another story tonight. I wrote this story a few weeks ago and I never took it to class. Some weeks I would write two stories, then other weeks I would only write one. I have not heard from Dr. French in days. The last time I heard from her she had been sick. I hope she is alright now, and will be in class tomorrow. Today I let some of Gloria’s personality come through in the chapter I wrote.  I see her as an older lady, with a sense of fun and life, bubbling from inside of her. I intend to let her and Stacks be more involved in the story. I posted “A Day in the Past ” part I, tonight. It is after midnight, so I need to get to sleep, I have class tomorrow.



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