Journal #33

Class was nothing but fun today. Dr. French gave her desk up to Jenny and sat out with the lower academia’s or in a Jenny-ism,  “English class student’s, people type, thingies.” Jenny became our blog/ professor/ guru. We went over each person’s blogs and stories. I was impressed with the stories and insight of my classmates. Let’s face it, our class is good! Not perfect grammar, but correct in statement. I am so down because this semester is at an end. Boo-hiss-yuk! I hope each person in my class continues writing and will enjoy writing forever. I know they each have talent and need to explore that talent to the ‘nth.’ I have not written anything so far today, so it looks as if I will be up until the wee hours of the morning, again. Dr. French informed me today that she was waiting on the next chapter of “The Bar,” and of course Jenny is, also. Jenny was not too happy that I divided up my story, “A Day In The Past.” So, Dr. French and Jenny, The next chapter of “The Bar” will post on or before Monday. Of course I may hold out till Jenny posts chapter 2 of her story, Humph! I will post the ending to “A Day In The Past,” tonight. It was not my intention to withhold the second part, it was just late and I was tired.


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