Journal #34

I am so angry. I was not allowed to sleep, or perhaps I should say, I was not allowed to sleep well, through the night. All those who write know, sometimes a story will pop into your mind and keep you awake untill you jot a few notes or simply write it. In the wee hours of the morning, this morning to be exact, a story invaded my dreams and woke me up. The two main characters decided to play out the entire story,in my mind and in my dreams, each time I dozed off. The story started out this way… “Hiding, always hiding, always afraid. When will I not feel this way, to not be afraid. By the Saints, but I want this feeling to stop,” Shannon whispered to herself as she darted from her hiding place, behind a large ancient tree… The main characters, in the opening words of the story, informed me of their full names. From there, they proceeded to act out the whole story. Detail after detail, untill I finally drug myself out of bed, at seven-thirty, for the badly need cup, no strike that, pot of coffee. Shannon McCleary and Patrick O’Shea, are on my WWW list this morning. Move over Dr. French… competition has arrived! These characters even had the nerve, to dictate the name of the story, “From Glen to Glen, At Rainbow’s End.” I am afraid myself, that if I do not write the story today, they will haunt me again tonight!


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