“Your Future Employer”

Your future employer says,

If you want to succeed in life,

And if you want a job from me,

It all depends on how you deal with college.

Treat it as though it boring,

That it is just something you have to do,

I will not want you in my office,

If you will not do all the work,

Your professors assigned to you,

I will not want you to be my builder.

If some homework is good enough,

Half is all you are willing to do,

Then computer jobs are not for you,

If you leave out the hardest parts,

Turn in a jumbled mess,

I will not hire you as a mechanic,

If you are lazy and hateful to,

As a nurse you will never do,

A low G.P.A. is ok with you,

I will not accept you for a doctor.

If you show all through school,

You have no pride in all you do,

Then tell my why would I hire you?


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