Journal #35

I was up until all hours of the night, once again. My dream wake-er-uper (is that even a word? Spell check said it is not a word. Humph, if Jenny can do it so can I.) story, had me researching almost all day yesterday, on Irish style speech. I hope I can do this. I have not heard the true Irish brogue in quite some time and I find I am floundering when it comes to that. Is there an Irish person, one with a brogue, at TCC Trinity? One who would be willing to help me. Speaking of TCC’s super-great-fabulous-wonderful-knight in Shining Armor… Our own TCC Trinity student, Sir Samuel Colunga, rates at the top! He read one of my first journal entries and gallantly offered to help me. See, there are still decent people left in the world. Thank you, for being my Creative Writing Hero, to the rescue. I wish there were more people like him in the world. Dr. French, track him down and give him an extra ‘A’ please. What the heck, give him mine and I will just take the class over again this semester.


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