“Come With Me”

All of the wonders of the world,

I am patiently waiting to see.

But for now I will wait, for now this pencil I will twirl.

This pencil will lead me to places I never thought could be.

Where will we go, what wonders will unfurl,

Will you stay ever so close beside me?

I wish to explore for I am a traveling girl.

These places you speak of, I wish to see,

Unimaginable places I tell you I can produce,

Whether it be past, present, or future time,

Perhaps we’ll conquer lands or maybe settle for a truce?

When you are ready, I’ll show you, just give me a sign.

To travel to frightening worlds, the kind you can induce,

What wonders we would see from any time line,

If we are afraid at anytime, lets climb a tree of spruce,

I cannot wait no longer for now is the perfect time,

And come with me to this world unexplored.

Where life is busy and fast paced,

But when time comes, we can break and catch some snores.

Don’t take too long, because now we are being chased,

Tarry no longer lets hurry, I do implore,

Time moves so quickly, we must make haste,

And when it is time to rest, I promise to not be bored,

I will run fast as the wind, of me the monsters will not taste,

For giving to the poor, and robbing the rich,

They are right on our trails, so run run run,

Hurry, for here comes the Shanking Witch!

No worries. We can escape with this harpoon gun,

The rich have never had to spend the night in a ditch’

I am so frighten, this is not fun,

I wonder if the wicked old witch was one of the rich,

So hurry to fire that gun, for I wish no more to run,

And flee to the open seas,

Where giant krakens are to fear.

We’ll clash and we’ll triumph so be at ease,

Can you hear that? The villagers cheer?

I wish to have calm seas if you please,

I heard the Krakens were sweet dears,

I wish there was a cooler breeze,

I think what you hear is not clear,

We are the heroes, you and I.

This is our adventure this is our story,

I was our guide, so now you give it a try.

Take me to your world, and all of its wondrous glory.

Heroes we may be, next time I want to fly,

Our travels were great, I told you not to worry,

I will take you to places where our trip will not go awry,

My world is filled with fairies, come now lets hurry.


Jenny Prany 12.6.10


CR. Moore 12.06.10


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