Journal #37

It is crunch time for everyone who is in college. For my class and other Saturday students, there are only four more days till all is finished. For our class, we had to do the blog and complete the four parts, Stories, Poems and Journal entries, to be written and ready by this Saturday. There are some who have waited so long that they are either take a lesser grade, or they will be frantically working to complete it all in time for the deadline. I have never been one to wait till the last-minute. I want to work at my pace and have everything done early so that I can watch everyone run around like ants in a hill that has been disturbed. That is not true, I will offer my help to those who need it. If I was not finished, then there would be no way I would have the time to help anyone. I hope everyone gets it done in time. Why take a ‘B’ or ‘C’ when a few extra minutes will give you an ‘A.’


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