Journal #42

Today I need to get started writing early. For all those students who have not posted all their final assignments, 1-4, if you want that ‘A’, you need to get busy. The WWW has taken it one step farther, She gave us 400 points for the final already, up front, then she sat back and is waiting to see what we will do with it. #1. Introduction page=50 pt. If your intro. page has less than 200 words, then it is, 50 – 1 point subtracted for every word you did not write. #2. Two posts that must contain your creative work (one each from a different genre.) with 500 words or more. Note: Dr. French told me she did not mean from work already submitted, she wants NEW stories, poems etc. Each story/poem/play = 75 pt. Total =150 pts. So if you did not write two new stories, only one then, 150 -75 = 75 points. Now if you wrote less than 500 words, then the subtraction start again. That means for every 5 words that you leave out = minus 1 point. I will not continue writing the whole list, but I think you get the idea. The subtraction are enough that if you do not do as she asked, you could lose a whole grade and a half. Ouch! The really bad part here is we are adults ahd we know that as our money is subtracted in our bank accounts, there is no one to blame but ourselves. So since Dr. French gave us the points, if we do not do as she asks, we are subtracting from our own grade and it is our OWN FAULT!


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