Journal #55

I hope to be finished with “Christmas Again,” and have it posted by Friday. The weather is so strange this time of year. Yesterday was a warm eighty-two degrees and today is a cool fifty degrees. No wonder people always have colds during the winter in Texas. It is this time of year that I miss Singapore, warm weather throughout the year and being able to go swimming on Christmas day.  Of course I also loved living in Misawa Japan, where you could count on it being cold all year-long. There are only around ten days of sunshine each year and snow up to your thighs at Christmas. The thing is, that in these places you knew what to expect from the weather, but in Texas, the weather changes from one day to the next. Oh well, I should be thankful for all I have, with a roof over my head and food to eat. I guess I will go back to my writing and just let the characters do the complaining.


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