“The Bar” Chapter VII

“Gloria, I have prattled on and on about myself tonight. I would have thought you would be tired of listening to it by now. In addition, I cannot imagine that Stacks would be the least bit interested in hearing about my week, Candace said, with an amusing grimace on her face.

Laughing, Stacks said,” Well Candace, to tell you the truth, I am curious as to what all the laughter is about, that I have heard all evening, coming from this table. I would love to hear about your crazy week.”

“I will, but only if Gloria will promise to tell me more on her bird versus men theory, later. I was truly enjoying it earlier,” Candace said while trying to suppress the laughter that threatened to bubble forth.”

“I would be delighted to tell you more on the subject. I am not sure if there is enough time for me to tell you everything tonight, but there is always tomorrow and many days after that, Good Lord willing.”

Smiling at Gloria and Stacks, Candace said, “I am sure there will be. I also know that I will be coming here often, from now on. ”

Candace looked into Stack’s deep blue eyes and she knew she was in trouble. She felt a connection there, one that she had never experienced in her life, before today.

Candace did not know what was going on inside her, but this strange feeling was foreign to her, and it scared her to death. She knew she had to quit thinking about Stacks this way. Dismissing her bizarre inner feelings, she agreed to continue with her story.

“As I was saying, I was sitting on the couch reading my book and eating my dinner when the phone rang. I had expected a call from David since we had dated off and on since high school.”

“David works for an oil company so he has to travel rather often.” “Well, it was David and he told me he was going to be in town the next day and that he really needed to see me. He asked if I could meet him at our favorite restaurant, Johnny Carinos.”

“I explained what had happened to my car, and that I did not have a rental car. He said that he really wanted to see me and he was sorry, but there just was not enough time for him to come get me and have dinner. David then told me that it would be best for me to call for a taxi.”

“He went on and on about having to do so many important things to do on Tuesday and how he absolutely did not have the time to pick me up.”

Stacks interjected, “That is just not right. A man should never ask for a date if he is not able or willing to pick her up. I hope you told him no.”

Laughing, Gloria said, “Now Stacks, not everyone goes by your dating rules. Please Candace, continue with the story.”

“No Stacks, I am sorry to say, I did not refuse to meet him. The problem was that we had dated so long that everyone, including me, thought that David and I would marry one day.”

“David is also an only child and spoiled to the core, I just got in the habit of allowing him tell me what to do. He really is a self-centered person. From the way he sounded so excited, I thought that perhaps he was going to propose and he simply wanted to surprise me.”

“Tuesday evening came and there I was, dressed in my most expensive and alluring dress, climbing in a ratty old ‘Already seen it’s best day’s, taxi,’ I was feeling a little disgusted, but oh well, I thought.”

“I knew I would be over it by the time I was settled down in the beautiful restaurant with all the mouth-watering, aromatic, aromas surrounding me.”

While she was talking, Candace noticed that Stacks had a funny look on his face. If she did not know any better, she would have thought he was truly angry with David.

“The taxi ride was a short fifteen-minute drive from my house to the restaurant. The thought of how short the drive actually was, made me angry all over again.”

“I was thinking that David had better have a good explanation for me, and that is when I saw him, sitting at a table near the back of the room and waving.”

“Now to be honest here, the fact that he did not stand up or walk over to me, well that set my ticked-off meter to buzzing.”

“He just sat there with his dark good looks in his dark gray Armani suit, light grey silk shirt and red tie, of all colors, waiting for me to come to him. I almost turned and left, it made me so angry.”

“You should have. This man has to be the rudest person in the world. How long had he been out-of-town,” Stacks asked.

“Two months,” Candace replied.

Smiling as she looked from Stacks to Candace, Gloria said. “I agree with Stacks that was very rude indeed.”

“If it would have been me, I would not have had you take a taxi in the first place and I defiantly would never leave you to walk across the room to our table alone,” Stacks grumbled.

Gloria had a smile and a look upon her face, which reminded Candace of the saying, ‘the cat who ate the canary,’ as she looked at Stacks.

“Sorry for interrupting you again Candace, but it just makes me angry at the way he was treating you,” Stacks said as he mumbled his apology.

Amused Candace told him that she had been extremely angry with him, herself, at that moment. “I walked over to his table; he stood up and gave me an air kiss on both cheeks. I was shocked. We had seen each other for over ten years, heck we had known each other since elementary school, what then was this ‘Hollywood’ air kissing all about.”

Candace thought she heard a whispered, cause he is stupid, come from Stacks, but since he had not stated it, only whispered it; she felt it was best not to say anything.

“Did you ask him what was going on,” Gloria asked her.

“I was about to, but at that moment he walked over to the chair across the table from where he was seated and pulled the chair out for me, so I just sat down.

The waiter came to our table and asked me what I wanted to drink. He then informed David that our dinner would be out shortly.”

“David informed me, that since his time was limited in town, he had taken the liberty of ordering for me.”

“I inclined my head in agreement, but kept my mouth shut for fear of saying something I would regret later. I was seething inside.”

“In about two minutes the waiter returned with our food. David had ordered Chicken Milano for me and for himself, the Lasagna. At least he had ordered my favorite food.” “The waiter then proceeded to put another plate of Lasagna on the table. Just as I started to tell the waiter that he had made a mistake, a beautiful red hair woman walked up to our table.”

“David stood up and embraced her and then he gave her a kiss on the mouth. I was perplexed. What was going on here? Could this be a family member or was it exactly what it appeared to be.

I was not mistaken in the least, and it took less than a minute to know for sure.”

To be continued…



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2 responses to ““The Bar” Chapter VII

  1. Jenny Prany

    I gaaaasssped at the end XD! No! It’s like my shows I have to wait a week for on T.V., Oh Why!! What does the phrase “The cat who ate the canary” mean ? Me no understand :]. I smiled like an idiot when I saw the sparks between Candace and Stacks. Or at least, seeing Candace’s attraction towards him, nyahhaha, can’t wait for more!

    • Hi Jenny, The phrase, “The cat who ate the canary,” is an old time saying that means, you know something and you are not telling anyone. Or that you are up to something, and you are doing it slyly.

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