Journal #59

To everyone who is reading “The Bar,” I posted chapter VII this morning. I cannot believe I did not even post a journal entry yesterday. I suppose it is all right to miss a day once in a while, but this is my first time to do so. As my grandmother used to say, “No sense crying over spilled milk.” In my defence, (as if I need one,) I was cleaning my home from top to bottom yesterday, and I let the day get away from me. Now when I say top to bottom, I mean exactly that. I was washing ceiling fans and scrubbing floors, in preparation for Christmas and family. We had Christmas music on and the mood was festive, which made the day pass in a hurry. At ten thirty, I remembered that I had not finished my next chapter of “Christmastime Again.” So I simply got busy and wrote it. It was after midnight when I finally posted chapter five and when I realized that I had not written in my journal. It was too late and I was too tired to write anymore, so I just went to bed.


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