“Christmastime again” Chapter VI

“Merry Christmas,” Joy said as the three men at table four started to leave. Gathering up the dishes from the table, Joy’s arms were full as she headed back towards the kitchen, when Mr. and Mrs. Morrison and their two children, walked into the diner. Passing them, Joy smiled and told them to have a seat and that she would be right back. As she walked past Edgar, he stuck out his foot to trip her.

Just as she started to stumble and fall, Nick reached out and steadied her. Mr. and Mrs. Morrison, continued on to the table, but Edgar and Ellen, had stayed to watch Joy fall.

Nick leaned down and whispered something in Edgar’s ear and in a hateful voice, Edgar said, “I will not get coal in my stocking from Santa. I will get everything I want, you stupid old man.” With that, Edgar and his sister walked over to their table and proceeded to start yelling and

Joy came out of the kitchen with four glasses of water for the Morrison table, smiling and saying thank you as she passed him, she hurried to take their order.

“That is a little boy in need of learning a lesson if I ever saw one,” Nick whispered to Grace when she walked out of the kitchen.

“Yes Nickolas, I do believe you are right. Of course, I think his parent’s, also need to learn a lesson, before it is too late. It’s a shame how many parent’s raise their children, allowing them to act
that way and then cannot understand it when their children get in trouble with the law, later in life.”

“Perhaps there will be another miracle and they will learn before it comes to that. The boy is still young yet, and God is still on the throne, so my dear, we will just have to wait to see. Who knows,
when they come back to visit family, next Christmas, the child may act totally different.”With that statement, Grace went back into the kitchen.

Joy went in to the kitchen to give Grace the Morrison’s food order.

“Were you able to go Christmas shopping for Tina and Daniel, before you came into work today,” Grace asked her.

“Yes, and it was wonderful. I found so many great gifts for them and because today is Christmas Eve, everything was reduced in price. I found Tina the cutest doll and it even talks. It has short brown hair and it came with a play dress, in Tina’s size that matched the dolls dress, I found a table and two chairs and then I bought her a tea set, which was more adult looking from the tea sets I had when I was a child.”

“For David, I bought a very nice train set, And then I found the accessories that went with it at a wonderful hobby shop in town. I also found a volleyball and pole at the sports shop. Of course, after I bought it, I remembered it had to be concreted in the ground. I had to call and ask my Dad if he would go down and get some concrete, so that we can get it set in the ground tonight while they are sleeping. I had so much fun shopping today that I was almost late for work.”

“What about your other job? Were you off today,” Grace asked her.

“Yes thank goodness. There would have been no way I could have done any shopping if I would have had to work there today. Bookkeeping of a morning and waitressing in the evening does not leave me much time for anything else.”

While she had talked, Grace had cooked the food for the Morrison family. Joy took the food to their table, and for once by Edgar did not pay her any attention. Edgar was too busy yelling at his father about something he had seen at the mall and wanted.

“I want it. We need to go back there and get it now,” Edgar shrieked at his parents.

Joy placed the food down in front of them and asked if they needed anything else. No one answered her, so she left the table and walked over to Nick.

Standing beside him at the counter, Joy whispered, “If I am lucky, I may not have to change my uniform tonight.”

Nick started chuckling, and said, “No, tonight I believe Edgar’s father will be the one who is going to have to change his clothes.”

Looking in their direction Joy saw Mr. Morrison wiping ketchup off the front of his shirt and Ellen was laughing and pointing at her father. Shaking her head, Joy said, “Lord I wish those people would figure out that this new wave ‘Time out’ stuff is simply not working.”

“Oh I have a feeling that sooner or later, they will figure it out. Emma Morrison. Mr. Morrison’s mother is a good friend of my wife. Faith said that Emma said that both have their Doctorates in Law. Now you know that they of all people should know better than to put up with
that, from a child.”

At that moment, Edgar yelled at his parents and ran out of the diner, followed by his sister. Mr. and Mrs. Morrison simply sat there and finished their dinner.

About ten minutes after the children had gone outside, Joy looked up to see a couple of police officers, bringing the two Morrison children back into the dinner. The officers were not too happy from the looks on their face. They walked the children over to the table and began to tell the Morrison’s what their children had done.

“Mr. Morrison, I am Officer Wagner of the Fort Worth police department, and this is my partner Officer Tuttle. Are these your children?” After receiving the answer, Officer Wagner continued. “Do you happen to own a Cadillac Escalade?” Mr. Morrison nodded his head in affirmation.

The police officer continued, “My partner and I were driving past and we noticed that your car had deep scratch marks covering every part that we could see. We decided to pull in to the parking lot and get a closer look, and as we pulled around to the other side, we saw these two children, holding broken rocks and they were scratching up the side of your SUV. “Would you and your wife mind stepping outside with us,” the officer asked them.

Mr. Morrison stopped to pay for their dinner, and Joy asked if him if he wanted her to box up the children’s food. Mrs. Morrison said no, and actually thanked Joy for asking. With looks of total disbelief, they followed the two police officers out of the diner.

It would seem, that those people are finally going to learn their first hard lessons in child raising, and just how much of their ‘Time out,’ is not working.”

Joy shook her head and said, “Well, I guess it is better that they learn it now instead of when it is too late to help their children, but it is horrible that it has to be today, Christmas Eve, that they have to learn.”

When Joy went to fill the salt and pepper shakers, Nick quietly said, “so it is, but next year at Christmastime, they will be a happier family. Sometimes what seems bad on the surface can prove to be a most glorious gift indeed.”

From the kitchen, he heard a whispered, “Thank you lord, that family truly needed your help. Now Lord, our own Joy will need your help, tomorrow. Please tell us what we can do to help her.”

To be continued…


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