Monster Cookies

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.

Mix in a VERY large bowl, and in the order given.

12 Eggs

2 pounds of Brown sugar

4 cups White sugar

1 Tablespoon Vanilla

1 Tablespoon Dark Karo syrup

8 Teaspoons soda

1 pound of Butter (room temperature)

3 pound peanut butter (creamy)

18 cups Oatmeal

1 pound Chocolate Chips

1 pound M&M candy

Mix the first 8 ingredients with a hand mixer, then you will need to use clean  hands to mix in the rest of the ingredients. measure, cookie dough on to cookie sheet, by using an ice cream scoop and flatten. Place about two inches apart and cook for 12 minutes. (Depending on how your oven cooks.) Do not over cook. The best cookies are the same color on the bottom as on the top when they are cooked. You can cut this recipe in half if you wish, because this recipe will make over one-hundred cookies. This recipe makes a stiff cookie dough.

We make a full batch of these cookies each year so that everyone can take some home with them. So far, we have never met anyone who did not love them.



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