Journal #68

Where has this year gone? Looking back, I can find only a few months and of those only a few days. Creative Writing class was three months long, but somehow it now feels as if it was only three weeks, not three months. My life feels even shorter, in comparison to this year. I am a grandmother, who feels as if I have not lived long enough to be out of my childhood, much less a mother and grandmother. Yes, where has time gone and how did it pass me by… I think there is a story in this life time reflection. I will play with it and see where it goes. I wrote another chapter on “The Bar,” last night. I decided to add in a couple of new factors, dealing with Candace and Stacks. My story is soon to move out of the bar and into the world, only to return to the bar ever so often. “The Bar” is owned by Stacks and is now a part of Candace’s life, so the time spent with Candace and Stacks, inevitably has to return to “The Bar,” and to Gloria and Sheila. I only hope I can do this, since I have never attempted something like this before. Yes Jenny, I think love and trouble is in their future. Thanks for the suggestions.


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