Journal #76

I have been busy writing a new story, which I call, “Life’s Plan.” I expect to post it later today, if after I read it again and I am still satisfied with it. If not, I will revise it once again. I decided to keep trying to write in a style, which I am unfamiliar with until I find which style and genre I feel the most comfortable with.



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2 responses to “Journal #76

  1. Jenny Prany

    Hi Redonia, I wanted to let you know I do still check up on your blog and read your entries :). So what genre do you think you are not comfortable with? Since you’ll be going to Dr. French’s class and you want a challenge, it’s good that you’re trying different styles :). Possibly another one based off a different language like “From Glen to Glen, At Rainbow’s End”?

    • Hi Jenny,
      You are right about the different language, but I believe this was the hardest story I have ever written. “From Glen to Glen, At Rainbow’s End,” was a dream that came to me one night. This story made me wake up constantly and the story continued in my mind even when I was awake. The names of the main characters, the words spoken and their speech patterns, were dictated in my mind as I tried to sleep. I truly felt as if I was having the story dictated to me, so I suppose in actuality it was not my story. For lack of knowledge and for the sake of Magic, let us just say that this story came from the Leprechauns themselves.

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