Journal #85

My computer problem is finally fixed. I find that it is sometimes handy to have a computer genius as a husband. I hope to get some writing done, but since I am behind, I may be later than usual getting “The Bar” posted.



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2 responses to “Journal #85

  1. Jenny Prany

    Yes lucky you. My mom bought a new laptop and I’ve been teaching her everything and setting it all up. I’m surprised at how patient I’ve been hehe, usually I’m not. Well at least a new computer shouldn’t be slow/have problems :D. Do you write your stories by hand anymore? o.o

    • Hi Jenny, I do write my stories by hand, but they are not the finished product. I guess you could say that they are like an over written outline. More story than outline, but far less of a story than the completed story is. I hope this makes since to you. It is sort of like my version of rewriting. I never can seem to copy my stories over identically, because I always find fault with them and redo them. As Steve said on the last day of class, …”at some point you have to stop rewriting and say, that’s good enough.”

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