“Mrs. Pettyjohn’s School of Knowledge” Chapter 2


“Ladies and gentlemen, if I could have your attention, please,” Professor Moltare screeched as she leaned her ample chest over her desk. “You have been advised of the rules, regarding not leaving the schools property, which of course you will obey. However, I know each and every one is aware of the rumors of trouble brewing in the little town of Dansville, but it is nothing to worry about. You will not try to intervene in any way, or form. Is this understood?”

Once all the students had agreed with her and said they would not get involved, Professor Moltare walked around her desk to the long table in front of her, and held up one willow branch. The willow branch was slender and about twelve inches long, and had been stripped of leaves. Can anyone tell me what this is used for?”

When it looked as though no one was going to answer the question, Trevor stood up and said, “Yes ma’am Professor Moltare, I can.”

“Then please tell us what this is and of what use is it.”

“It is a willow branch and since the beginning of time, the children of water have used it to find water on many worlds. Mars was the first off world planet in which the willow was used for finding a water source, in the dark land. The first willow tree transplant came to earth from the planet we know as Aqua-Sentara, which earthlings have recently discovered and named it Gliese five-eighty-one-E, where it lives for thousands of years and provides homes and shelter for all.”

“Thank you Mr. Argali.”

“Now class, as you are aware, willow finds water, personal objects finds their owners, but what does silver and gold find?”

After a few moments, when no one answered, Professor Moltare said. “Gold is used by the diviner to find a missing dignitary or wealthy being, and silver is used together in conjunction with an object that denotes the lesser status being.”

Noticing the blank look on her students faces, Professor Moltare stopped, looked around her, picked up a book on galaxy travel, then said, “If I place this book on a map of the true galaxies, then hold the silver by its tip and spin it, where it lands and points to, will show us what galaxy the writer of this book is located in. Once we have the galaxy, it is a simple matter of placing the silver on the map of planets, and repeating the procedure to find the correct planet. You can repeat this procedure until you know which dwelling he is in. Now do you understand?”

She knew the moment her students understood, because everyone wanted to try the experiment to find someone they knew and loved.

“Professor Moltare, would this work for finding criminals also, and here on earth?” Nancy asked.

“Of course it would, but not using silver. Criminals such as murderers, who are particularly vile, can only be found by using a glacial erratic stone. “

“What is a glacial erratic stone, I wonder,” Missy whispered to Nancy.

“In geology, a glacial erratic is a boulder carried by glacial ice and deposited some distance from its place of origin,” Nancy answered her in a not so quiet whisper.

“That is correct, Miss Stellar. And it would have to come from the criminal’s home planet, if you were chasing them off their world,” Professor Moltare said.

After two hours of class they were dismissed, and with it being their last class of the day, the students were allowed two hours in which to rest or go outside to play.

Standing outside the classroom, Ngame, Missy, Nancy and Jinnee stood waiting for the boys. After a few minutes, Andrew and Trevor joined them.

“Oh man was that cool, I found my dad, by using my stellar chart and the gold. He was in the palace bathing chambers. You know, sometimes I wish I could be back home. I miss the golden three moon nights and turquoise seas of Aquarius Major,” Trevor groaned adoringly.

“Yes, Trevor, I miss my home too, but we are here, and we will be here until we learn all that is needed, from this galaxy and when we graduate, it is off to Talaraus, through what is called here, the “Monster of the Milky Way,” the supermassive black hole at the center of this galaxy.  I wonder how long it will be before Earths scientists learns that it is only a portal into other galaxies,” Missy said thoughtfully.

“I hope they do not learn of it. At least not until the governments of Earth learn they cannot have everything for themselves. They sent out broadcasts saying we come in peace, then when others tried to make contact with them, they capture and put those beings under their microscopes, using the pitiful excuse of ‘We have no proof there is life in outer space,” Andrew hissed in anger.

“You are right Andrew; Earth’s leaders will never be allowed to leave here. Their cruelty knows no bounds, which is why Mrs. Pettyjohn’s school is here. We learn of them, but they cannot see or come near us,” Missy told him.

 “And, as you know, we collect the earthlings that are decent and worthy, to join their ancestors in their distant homelands, in another galaxy. This is what we train for here on Earth. I also enjoy being here,” Jinnee said with a little laugh.

 “You know, when I came here, I felt as if I went back in time, a billion years or so. After seeing what some of these people are capable, I know I did,” Nancy said as she started walking down the halls towards the massive front doors of the school.

“Hey, wait. Isn’t that Mr. Tolliver going into Mrs. Pettyjohn’s office?”

“You’r right Trevor; I wonder what is going on. He never comes during the week unless there is a problem. Come on, into the girls’ washroom. You guys wait and we’ll see if it is clear, and then we will let you in. I want to know what is going on,” Nancy said.

Once inside the washroom, the girls saw that no one else was in there, so they motioned for the boys to come in. Sitting on the floor facing the wall that connected to Mrs. Pettyjohn’s office, they began to concentrate.

Jinnee, being the one with the psychokinesis ability concentrated on the wall and in a few moments, the wall started to waver and then cleared to a mirror consistency.

Missy then concentrated using an alternate clairaudience and the voices came through the wall.

“Nina, I am sure there will be problems from Mrs. Abigail Norton. She is at this moment organizing the women in town to create trouble for the school. That old Frog is nothing but trouble. She has tried to stir up trouble for you, ever since you refused to let her daughter in the school.”

“Calm down James. There is nothing that she can do. If worse comes to worse, then we will give her daughter the gate entrance test, in front of the entire town. When she fails it, and she will, then everyone will realize why no one from town has been accepted into the school. “

“Yes Nina, if this woman were a reasonable person, she would accept it, but this woman is not reasonable,” Tolliver said as he stretched his tall muscular body.

“Do you mind if I stretch out completely? I have to spend so much time in that middle age overweight, human body. I truly wish I had the ability to make humans see me differently, instead of having to bend and wear that disguise all the time.”

“I’m sorry James; I am remiss in the treatment of you. Please do stretch out to your fullest and please forgive me,” Nina Pettyjohn replied.

As James Tolliver twisted and stretched his body, the back of his shirt separated and wings emerged from the opening. They were beautiful, when he had them stretched to their fullest of what appeared to be a twelve-foot expanse. Large velvety white feathers fluttered as he moved them up and down.

“Oh wow. He is from the Aviary Ian galaxy,” whispered Andrew in awe.

“Isn’t he beautiful,” Ngame said. “I wish my wings were white.”

“Ngame you know the burnt amber and black, color of your wings is beautiful, and you are not as easily seen at night as he is, I bet,” Trevor told her.

“I do not know that my wings are as beautiful as his are, but it is true that I can fly at night, without being seen,” Ngame said with a smile.

Jinnee and Missy both took a big breath a released the scene before them.

Standing up, Nancy said, “We had better go outside before we are missed. We can talk once we are in the oak tree tower.”

To be continued…


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