“Mrs. Pettyjohn’s School of Knowledge” Chapter 5

Once they were far enough away from the barn, and well hidden in a thick grove of orange trees, Ngame raised her hand signaling for the small group to stop.

“I think I heard a voice coming from the woods, up ahead,” she whispered.

Standing there, straining to listen, the only thing they could hear was the wind rustling the leaves in the trees.

“I don’t hear anything Ngame. I think we are all spooked after what we heard back at the barn,” Nancy said as she affectionately patted Ngame on the shoulder.

“Well I may have imagined voices in the wind, but I still feel as if I should check it out. I am starting to get a strange feeling about this,” Ngame said as she turned and headed back to a clearing in the trees they had just passed.

“Is it a vision; is that what you are feeling?” Trevor asked her nervously.

“Not sure about that Trevor, but I am feeling something. I want to have a look for myself, just to make me feel better if for no other reason.”

“I’ll take a look around also,” Andrew said as he wrapped his cape around himself and started to leave.

“No Andrew, please stay here with the others. I would feel much better if you stayed here with them, you know’ just in case…”

Ngame’s voice trailed off as Andrew nodded his head in understanding. Andrew knew that if Ngame felt the need for him to stay there, then it could be a sign. A sign that the dire prediction Ngame had made earlier in the day, was possibly coming true at that moment. He was the strongest of the group. He had the strength and quick movements that were his through his ancestors’ careful cultivation of marriages, with only the best and strongest of their race. He was after all next in line to rule his world. He was the Vampyreian prince. Whatever happened next, he would not leave his friends.

Jinnee leaned closer to Missy and whispered in her ear, “I am not an auger like Ngame, but I feel the air and there is movement in it that should not be here.”

“I agree Jinnee,” Missy said as she motioned the others to gather around them.

“They are here. I think they have spread out and we are being surrounded. I sense small body pains here and there. My empathy sensitivity is actually starting to tingle with small aches and pains.  I’m afraid the only way out is if we try to morph,” Trevor told them.

“I think your right Trevor,” Andrew said.

“Do you think you can morph on purpose? I thought you said it was an accident when you hyper-morphed in Professor Travell’s class,” Nancy asked him.

Before Andrew could answer her, Jinnee spoke, “Missy and I have not learned how to hyper-morph yet.”

“I am not sure I can morph either, well at least not far enough away,” Nancy said hesitantly.

“Then that leaves you Trevor. You can morph back to the school and tell Mrs. Pettyjohn’s what has happened. I’ll stay with the girls,” Andrew whispered to him.

Trevor was reluctant to do so, but when a large group of uniformed men burst from behind the trees, and the nets were dropped over them, he disappeared in an instant.

Trevor appeared on the front lawn of the school in an instant. Before he went inside he mentally sent a message to Ngame, he told what had just happened and what they needed her to do. Just as quickly, she sent him her answer of… “I am watching them, and will tell you where they are as soon as I know. Stay alert for my message.”

Trevor entered the school at a run, and ran headlong into Mrs. Pettyjohn.

“What has happened Trevor, tell me quickly. I feel the distress of the others,” She ordered him. Trevor’s face was ashen with fear, but when he looked at her, he straightened up and immediately launched into the events of the night, as they had taken place. Trevor left nothing out of the telling, but he had tears running down his face by the time he had finished.

Andrew gathered the girls into his arms protectively whispering, “We have skills they have no idea we have. We must stay calm and wait till the time is right before we use them, and do it together. Do not let them know what you can do, at least not all of it. If you are forced, then show them something small and say that our school is only a magic training school. Their kind of magic is all illusion and that they will understand.”

“Well, well now, and just what have we captured in our nets this time?” A large hawk face man, wearing a highly starched uniform asked, as he strutted up to them.

When the children didn’t say anything, he sneered at them and in a menacing voice said. “Who are you and where are you from.”

Andrew spoke up and said, “Why are you doing this to us? We have not done anything wrong.”

“I’ll ask the questions here, boy. Now I want answers and I want them now.”

When the children just stood there looking at him, he made a growling sound and advanced closer, but stopped when Nancy started talking.

“My name is Nancy Stellar and I am ten years old,” she said as she pushed her dark rimmed glasses up on her nose, “and I go to Mrs. Pettyjohn’s School of Knowledge.”

“I’m Missy Lanea, and I’m eight and I go to the same school,” She said shyly.

“I’m Jinnee and I’m nine,” Jinnee said as she ducked her head and twirled her dark braid around her hand.”

 When Andrew did not say anything, but just glared at him, the large man squinted his eyes and glared evilly at him. 

Shrugging his shoulders the man sighed and said, “I’m General Anderson, and I want some answers as to who you are, where you are from, and what you are doing here, on earth. Make no mistake about it boy, you and your little friends will talk.”

Turning his back on them, he yelled at one of his men, saying, “Sergeant, put them in the truck, and I want their hands bound behind their backs. We have no idea what they are capable of, so take no chances with them. Put two armed guards on them and do not take your eyes of off them.”

“Yes sir general,” the sergeant said as he saluted sharply then immediately started issuing orders to the lesser ranking men.

Ngame flew high overhead, silently; she never took her eyes off of them as she saw a group of men forcefully loading her friends into the back of a dark green U.S. Army transport truck.

“Where are they Ngame?” Ngame heard the question in her mind clearly as she flew high over the highway the Truck was traveling on.

“They are still driving up the mountain, but I see a large fenced in area up ahead, about two miles from here. I think it may be some kind of hidden military base. There are landing strips and it looks as if there are a bunch of long hills on the land. I have not been able to get close enough to the road to read the signs. I am afraid they will see me if I do,” she silently told Trevor.

Trevor told her to let them know as soon as she knew something, and then ended their mental connection.

“They’re still driving, but Ngame said they were going up a mountain and there was a large guarded fenced in area a little ways ahead, but she didn’t know what highway they were on.”

“Did she say anything about helicopter landing pads, or long grass-covered hills?” James Tolliver asked when Mrs. Pettyjohn looked towards him.

“Yes sir that is exactly what she said. Do you know where they are?” Trevor looked at him expectantly as he asked the question.

“I believe I do know Trevor. If I am correct, they are in the Escondido Mountains, headed for what is known to be the UFO / Area fifty-one predetermined staging area. That is where they have scientist who decide if the people they are holding there are aliens,” James Tolliver said softly.

“H-how do they do that sir,” Trevor asked with a stammer in his quivering voice.

“Never mind that Trevor, we are not going to let it come to that,” Mrs. Pettyjohn said, as she reached out and pulled him close to her, and hugged him.

“I’m sorry we didn’t mind you Mrs. Pettyjohn. If we would have done what you told us, none of this would have happened,” Trevor managed to get out, while gulping and trying hard not to cry.

“Well now Trevor, let’s just take a look at this situation. First, of course you should have done as you were told, and if you and your friends would have, then they would not be in the predicament they are in, at this moment. However, if you had not gone out tonight, and overheard the town children talking, what do you think would have ended up happening?” She asked him.

Taking a deep breath, Trevor replied, “The military would have been watching and would have seen the interstellar transporter tomorrow night?”

“Exactly, and now for the second part of this, while it was disobedience on you and your friends part, you may have saved all of our home worlds, and even galaxies, from future attack.”

“Out of all the known universes, earth has the most arrogant and bloodthirsty beings we know of. This is why our school is located here, to find the few that are ready to transcend and evolve and learn where their ancestors went when they left earth,” James Tolliver told him.

“Quite true Mr. Tolliver. I have informed the interstellar base of our little problem, so there will not be any flights in at this time. While this is acceptable for the short-term solution, we will have to clean up this mess for future travel. Now I think we need to hold an assemblage of all the professors and elder students. I believe we have our work cut out for us,” Mrs. Pettyjohn said as she walked over to her desk and picked up her in-house communicator.

“Wait, Ngame is talking,” Trevor told her, and then hushed so that he could hear what Ngame was saying.

“The truck pulled up in front of the longest hill, and they took Andrew and the girls out. They are just standing there looking… Oh my stars, the hill has a fake front, it’s a sliding door. I’m worried Trevor, the soldiers are pointing their rifles at them. Ask Mrs. Pettyjohn what she wants me to do now,” she said.

“Ok, hang on just a minute.”

“Ngame told me the men are taking everyone into the hill. She said that the hill has a fake front on it which is really a sliding door. She also wants to know what she should do now.”

“Tell her to come back here, and get some rest. It will not be long before daylight, and she may be seen by someone if she doesn’t get back soon.”

Trevor relayed the message to Ngame, but he also told her about the assemblage that Mr. Tolliver and Mrs. Pettyjohn were arranging at this very moment.

“Great, but I hope we can get back to them before anything bad happens,” Ngame said as she headed back to the school.

Trevor and the girls were frightened as one of the young soldiers was ordered, by General Anderson, to sedate them before taking them inside the building. The soldier looked to be no older than twenty years old. He had dark brown, closely cropped, hair and he looked as if he had worked on a farm all his life, or so Nancy thought as she looked into his kind eyes, and noticed his tough weathered skin.

Picking up a hard sided pouch and walking over to them, his eyes said what he could not say aloud. They said, I’m sorry, but I have to follow orders.

Missy started crying when the young soldier walked up to her. He stood in front of her and as he took out the syringe he was going to use on her, he whispered, “It is not a full dose, but it will make you feel a little drowsy. When you feel it start to work, you must pretend to fall asleep. Do not let them know you are awake for at least twenty minutes.” He winked at her before he turned away to administer the shots to the others.

Missy noticed that his name tag said he was PFC Barrett. She wanted to remember his name, so that she could tell Mrs. Pettyjohn about the kindness he had shown them.

PFC Barrett was angry at his superiors, his government and at this moment his world. How could the government do this to children, even if they thought they were from another galaxy. How could his country, and seventy-two other world leaders, send out their messages of peace with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the Apollo II mission, and even deposit a tiny silicon disc that contained messages of peace, on the moon. Then when they believed they had found aliens, round them up and give them to their scientist. He knew he had to help these children, somehow, even if he would be court marshaled and end up in Leavenworth prison for the rest of his life.

As the children started feeling the effect of the small amount of morphine, PFC Barrett had given them, the large camouflaged sliding on the end of the hill opened. Men and women dressed in white outfits rolled gurneys out for the children.

Andrew, Nancy, Jinnee, and Missy pretended to be going to sleep, and were picked up, placed on the gurney, and taken inside the building. The large doors made an ominous sound as they were slowly closed behind them.    

Each child silently thanked PFC Barrett for his kindness, and the chance to be able to protect themselves, if needed, with their own God-given talents.

To be continued…



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2 responses to ““Mrs. Pettyjohn’s School of Knowledge” Chapter 5

  1. Donna Griggs

    Interesting for sure. I need to read the other 4 to get caught up on this. It reminds me of Star Trek–moving from one place to another. I am at work and will need to really read with more concentration. Hope you have a great day!

    Noticed this and thought you might want to know:
    “I think you right Trevor,” Andrew said.

    • Hi Donna,
      Thank you for your comments. I appreciate your taking the time to tell me of a mistake that I made in the story. My husband has been slacking on his job of proof reading my stories. To be fair, he does work full time and is also taking college classes.
      Thank you,
      CR Moore

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