“Mrs. Pettyjohn’s School of Knowledge” Chapter 6

The room was alive with the buzzing of whispered voices. Fear evident in all the faces filling the large elaborate dining hall and in the way that friends were holding each other close for moral support. Being startled into fear by the call of assemblage, the words they had just heard only reinforced the feelings within.

“Ladies… Gentlemen…, please, I understand your fear, but please quite down so that we can discuss what steps must be taken at this point,” Mrs. Pettyjohn said loudly, as she tapped her spoon on her crystal glass, producing a sharp clear ringing tone.

Standing up and waiting for the sounds in the room to dissipate, James Tolliver stood before them, all of his six-foot-four sleek and graceful frame, standing gracefully and defiant before them, anger in his eyes. The man from the Aviary Ian Galaxy was preparing for war. As he spread his massive white gossamer wings, fifteen others from his world stood, spread their multi-racial wings of every color, Ngame included. They were not only displaying their worlds solidarity in this, but their defiance of the cruelty earths officials were willing to inflict on the unknown, not to mention children.

“We the people of Aviary Ian Galaxy, do herby pledge our support, and protection of our way of life, as well as of others in the cosmos. The only exception is of the people who are intolerant of those that they consider different from them, and therefore, they have the right to offend and harm, because it is their wish. This is intolerable and will be avenged. We will bring our children home,” As James Tolliver finished speaking, the room burst with applause.

One by on the representatives’ of the different planets’, galaxies’, and universes’, stood and pledged their solidarity, as well as their offer of help. There was only one planet where there was no adult show of support, which was earth.

Melissa McAlister looked around her and felt ashamed that her planet which was so small in the grand scheme of things was also small in honor. She stood, raised her arm, for recognition of her need to speak, and waited.

“Mellissa, do you wish to say something,” Mrs. Pettyjohn said as the people in the room hushed.

“Yes ma’am I do wish to speak. As you know of course, that there are only ten people from this planet who has been allowed to enter this school in the last twenty years, for this I am truly shamed of my people s arrogance and self-worth. However, there are a large number of people who are good and tolerant of others, but have no say in this or any other occurrence within our nations. The governments and leaders involved do not ask what we want, they simply tell us what we are to do and what they want us to believe. If we do not agree or believe them, then we are subjected to the same treatment as they would give you. I offer you my support and help, and will do what you ask of me, to insure the safety of my friends.”

Before Melissa finished speaking, ten children from earth stood, joined in her shame and pledge, and offer of support, their voices mingled as one. Every child in the room, from all the universes, stood and one by one they joined hands in unity with earth’s few worthy people.

“Thank you Melissa and we accept you offer of help. I must say young lady, that you have truly started me to thinking that perhaps we need to reconsider our way of evaluating earth’s inhabitants. However, this must wait until we have ensured the safety of the missing children,” James Tolliver told her.

“We must now devise a plan and put it into effect, before this day ends. I want the professors to divide children and adults in groups according to their abilities, not race. If their government wants war, then war it will be. We will not allow one child to be lost to the government’s cruelty and torture, Mrs. Pettyjohn said.

“Professor Ogon, your group will consist of those skilled in pyrokinesis, fire only,” Mrs. Pettyjohn told him.

Turning around to survey the room, she said, “Tolliver gather everyone who has the ability of Zeus Astrapes. Lightening will most certainly be…”

Missy found it extremely hard to lie still and pretend to be under the full influence of the drug she had been given earlier. As the two large men, their faces half covered in white operating masks, and dressed all in white, pushed her down the long corridor, Missy found herself opening her eyes into tiny slits, so that she was able to watch where they were taking her.

Men and women in wearing all white or military uniforms were everywhere she looked, and this scared her more and more as the long trek down the hall continued. Missy was trying desperately not to cry when they pushed her into what appeared to be a room surrounded by glass. She noticed more of the glass rooms adjacent to hers and was gratefully relieved when she saw Jinnee being taken into the room next to hers.

Two women carefully lifted Missy up and placed her into the small bed that was one of only two pieces of furniture in the small cell. They covered her with a blanket then left the room; the sound of the door’s locking system making a resounding whir echo in the room. Her face was turned towards the wall just as they had left her; the tears rolled down her tiny cherub cheeks.

Jinnee was shaking with fear. Never had she felt so alone and unloved. Jinnee was too afraid to open her eyes until she had been picked up and placed on another bed, when she heard the people leave the room and the lock engage, she slowly opened her eyes, a small amount, and saw Missy in the next room. She felt relief at seeing one of her dear friends close to her, but she could see that Missy was crying.

Jinnee started talking to Missy through telepathy, “Are you alright Missy.”

“Yeah, I’m ok, but this is scary,” Miss answered.

“I’m scared too, but we’ll be alright. Ngame followed us when we were in the truck. I sensed her all the way here, then she left. She probably went back to help Trevor bring Mrs. Pettyjohn and the others here,” Jinnee said optimistically.

“I hope so, but it would be so dangerous for them to come. Oh Jinnee, what do you think they will do to us? Maggi Zorn said that when the military gets one of us they take you to a place called Dreamland and no one ever hears from you again, ever,” Missy cried.

“Mr. Tolliver and Mrs. Pettyjohn will never let that happen; if there is such a place as Dreamland, and I’m not sure there is,” Jinnee said unwaveringly.

“It’s real alright,” Andrew’s voice chimed in their minds.

“My father told me about it. He said that the government will not admit it or what goes on there, but he has been there. Father said it is called by many names, because they keep all the secrets from the people there. One name they have for the section that my father went to is Area fifty-one. That’s where they have two space pods and they keep the bodies of the men they recovered from the pod crashes. Father told me that the government is trying to reverse engineer the pods, but they are not having very much luck with that,” Andrew said with a chuckle in his voice.

“What is it so hard for them to build a pod, especially if they have one to see how it works?” Missy asked, her fear forgotten for the moment.

It is an Agoura view pod, not a space ship. The Olympians built them for travellers to view planets and its inhabitants, to see if any were ready to evolve,” Andrew said with glee.

“And that tells us what?” Nancy’s voice joined into their minds.

Mentally laughing, Andrew replied, “They placed droids on them to be flown into each country and crashed, thereby creating the illusion of beings from some strange world where they did not resemble humans. What was truly accomplished was that the elders could learn through the viewer pod, was if the people were ready to ascend to their true home worlds. People, who were deemed unsuitable and unwanted, by their own, because of greed and cruelty, were also documented and are even now being watched and are prevented from leaving their galaxies.”

“How do you know about Agoura view pods and that they used droids?” Nancy asked him.

“My father being an upper echelon enforcer for the Olympian world order, was sent to retrieve the one computer scientist, James Blackwell, believed to be worthy of ascending, last year. That is why he was at Area fifty-one. He told me that if the government would leave the scientist alone, they would be able to accomplish a lot more than they do now,” Andrew explained.

“Do you think someone will come to take us home soon?” Jinnee asked.

“Yeah, but I don’t know if they can get here in time,” Andrew said thoughtfully.

“In time for what,” Missy timidly asked.

“In time to save us from them,” Andrew said as their doors opened and people dressed in white walked in their rooms with medical devices of all varieties.

“I want heart monitors attached immediately,” Dr. Monroe bellowed at the lab techs, then continued, “Do I have to hold your hands and walk you through the procedures myself? I should be receiving lab results from the blood test, EKG’s, and x-rays already, but no one had the brains to start the process without my having to tell them. Get these kids wired and tested for everything you can think of, now,” he yelled, then headed for the cardiac monitors in the outer chamber.

“General Anderson, I need a word with you,” Dr. Mirra Arababe said, as she looked up and saw the general standing outside her office door. He was watching the activity taking place in the small bullet proof rooms, across the hall.

“I want to have those orders from the president, on my desk, before I go any farther with this nonsense. I will not place my livelihood on the line here, with what you are asking me to do. This is utter nonsense if you ask me,” Dr. Arababe said as she stood there watching the children being put through the battery of test that her colleague, Dr. Monroe, had ordered.

“No one asked you,” General Anderson sneered at her.

He was looking at her as if she was a repugnant creature, but his lecherous grin, and the way his eyes lingered on her breasts and the junction between her legs, denoted his intentions towards her. Dr. Mirra Arababe hated this contemptible excuse for a man with all her being and soul. He was the right hand henchman, for the president, and answered to no one else, as far as she knew. He was without morals; he was in her opinion, the epitome of evil.

“You will have the papers you require, and when all tests are finished on these creatures from outer space, I want them dissected,” he ordered with venom in his voice.

“You want, you want… are you saying that it is up to you and you alone as to what is to be done with them?” Mirra asked him with shock and anger in her quavering voice.

“That, my dear, is exactly what I am saying.”

Squelching back her emotions, Mirra asked him, “What will happen to them if they turn out to be human?”

“Then four more kids come up missing, never to be found. The poor are simply blights on our lands, what with over two billion children in the world. According to UNICEF, twenty-two-thousand children die each day due to poverty, therefore, what are the lives of four kids worth, in comparison?” He asked her. Not waiting to hear her response, he turned his back on her and walked away.

“I will not allow this,” Mirra whispered as she blotted her tears with hands.

“I will help you, Dr. Arababe. I could not live with myself if I didn’t do something to help these children,” PFC Barrett, whispered as he walked past her heading for his living quarters.

A moment later, Mirra was not even sure she had heard him say it, when the children started to scream.

To be continued…


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