Journal #128

Today has been a great day. What with house cleaning, cooking, and reading, it was over almost before it started. I am reading J. D. Robb’s newest book,” Treachery In Death,” (Once again, it is wonderful.) I have read everything she has written under the pseudonym  J.D. Robb, as well as her books written under the name of Nora Roberts. She is a wonderful writer, and I am always excited when she publishes each book. I have many authors that I have followed for years, and despise the fact that I must wait for a year, for each new book to be released. I am now waiting for Catherine Coulter’s latest, FBI series, book to be released. She has written over sixty-five books, and I have read every one, not to mention that I own them also. Jude Devereux is also on my A++ list. I truly loved her book “Knight in Shining Armor,” as well as… What the heck, I love all of her books. I LOVE TO READ!!! Enough about authors and their books for now, because I want to get back to my reading.

P.S. Just finished “Treachery In Death,” and as usual, it was exciting and intriguing to the last page..


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