“Mrs. Pettyjohn’s School of knowledge” Chapter 7

Mirra knocked the papers off her desk as she ran out of her office, and into the smallest girl’s room.

“What is going on here,” Mirra yelled at the lab-techs.

“Dr. Monroe ordered every invasive test known on these poor children, starting with a Coronary Arteriography, ma’am,” the petite young lab tech replied, as she finished injecting the dye into the crying child, cutting her hatred filled eyes, in the direction of Dr. Monroe.

Reading the name badge on the lab techs jacket, Mirra said, “Sara please do not inject them with anything else today, finish this test, since you have already injected the dye into her, but do nothing else.”

“You,” Mirra said pointing to the other lab-tech in the room, “Go to the other rooms and tell them I said no more injections, today. If anyone has anything to say anything about it, tell them to talk to me,” She said as she ran out of the room to confront Dr. Monroe.

“Yes sir, I understand. I will notify you the minute we learn anything about these aliens.” General Anderson grinned as he hung up the red phone.

“I will discover their secrets, and soon. One day soon, Washington will be eating out of my hands.” Jim Anderson told himself aloud.

Looking out his office window, and gauging the work going on in the large excessively white laboratory. He was amazed to see Mirra Arababe all but running towards his office with a murderous expression marring her, normally peaceful, beautiful face.

“Well, well now, it would seem that the little mouse is spoiling for a fight with the lion. Let’s just see how fast she runs back to her mouse-hole, when the lion roars,” General Anderson said aloud, as Mirra knocked on his door.

“Enter,” Anderson said curtly.

“Just what do you think you are doing ordering Dr. Monroe to do evasive testing? We have protocols here, as I am sure you are well aware, that do not include another doctor going behind my back to run unauthorized tests. Those children are to be considered children of earth, until we find out differently.” Mirra Arababe was red face with rage.

Slowly standing up to his full height, General Anderson glared down his large nose and all but growled, “Who do you think you are? When I give an order I expect it to be carried out immediately. I want those alien creatures tested, and I want them tested now. Not a week or month from now when you are finished playing nurse-maid, but immediately. I want to know where they are from and how they got here. I want their ship. If you give me problems or try to prevent me from getting what I want, I will have you replaced immediately and imprisoned. Are we clear on this matter now?”

Mirra looked into the eyes of a clinically insane person, and she knew, even though it went against her morals as well as her heart, what had to be done.

“Yes sir, but may I ask permission to run the test in a quantifiable order of importance? You see sir, if we run tests out-of-order, the test results will be questionable in the scientific world. If this were to happen, we may find ourselves subjected to speculations of impropriety from the world. You know what that could lead to…” Mirra forced herself to look down, so that she appeared submissive.

An evil smile crossed Jim Anderson’s face. He had her now, she was his. He would give in, just a little, but by next week Mirra Arababe would be in his bed, and more submissive than she would have ever dreamed possible.

“We will talk more on this later as I am a busy man, right now. I have decided to allow you three days to run these test in the order you say they’re supposed to be in, but after that time I want to know everything about these creatures. Then we will have dinner in my quarters, and discuss your future here…”

His lecherous voice was grating to Mira’s ears, so much so that she wanted to murder him.

“Thank you sir,” Mirra said as she left the room.

A dumpy five foot nothing, short hair, brunette sided up beside Mirra as she walked across the room towards the children’s little cells.

“Are you alright Mirra? What did the ‘Diablo’ want-a-be do to you?” Sherri Norman worriedly questioned.

Her head still bowed down, Mirra quietly spoke to her lab assistant, “Hand me your clipboard and pencil, as if you want me to sign off on something.”

Doing as Mirra asked, Sherri handed the clipboard to her. “What now?”

“Order simple x-rays on the children. Add more lab testing slips to your clipboard, but make sure you are in sight of Anderson when you do it, then come to my office. We need to talk in private.”

Sherri nodded her head once, and then took off to do as Mirra had asked.

He’s one evil man. I don’t understand why that man wants to hurt those children they’re just babies. Poor little darlings, Sherri thought to herself, as she passed the children’s cells. Noticing Dr. Monroe walk past her, She mentally added him to her evil man list.

General Anderson left the military base that evening at four o’clock precisely, as was his habit.

It was not long before Dr. Monroe opened Mirra’s office door, stuck his head in and said, “It’s your week to work nights, in case you forgot Mirra. If you have a problem, don’t call. I’ve got a hot date tonight and I do not want to be disturbed.” He winked and pulled the door shut and headed up the long corridor to leave.

Sherri knocked on Mirra’s door, then opened it and walked in with the clipboard in her hand.

“I guess you won’t need to pretend to sign papers after all.” Sherri wiggled her eyebrows to make Mirra smile.

Smiling in spite of the way she was feeling, Mirra replied, “True, but I truly thought Anderson would hang around tonight. You know, I get the feeling that he doesn’t believe these children are aliens. For the life of me, I cannot come up with a theory as to why he is doing this to these children.”

“That’s easy. He is doing it because he’s evil, and he wants to prove he is important to the welfare of earth. Then of course he’s the president’s cousin, so he can get away with anything,” Sherri said sarcastically. 

“Are you sure about that? Where did you hear that he was related to President Austin?”

“Dr. Arababe, are you telling me you don’t read the paper or listen to CNN, ever? Anderson is always in the news spouting some cockamamie bull on what he has done to save the world, or some such garbage. Then the president is awarding him medals, and bragging about the loyalty of men such as his perfect cousin, drone, babble, blah, and blah,” Sherri mimicked the sounds with her fingertips touching her thumb, opening and closing them in an age-old visual of someone blabbing on into ad nauseam.

“No, obviously I do not. But that sheds a light on this mess we are in, and the fact that we will not be receiving any help from the Whitehouse, where Anderson is concerned. Well, I guess that leaves you, PFC Barrett, and me, to figure out what to do. You are aware that Anderson has issued orders for us to autopsy them once we have finished all the tests?”

“He wants us to kill them after we finish testing? Oh my stars, this is ludicrous.  It’s insane Dr. Arababe. No, no way will I let that piece of garbage make me do something like that,” Sherri all but hissed out her words.

“Good, I knew I could count on you. Now why don’t we go have a talk with the children? Who else is on the night shift roster?” Mirra asked as they walked out of her office and into the lab.

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot to ask you exactly what did you say to Anderson that made him grace you with his evil smile, instead of yelling today in his office?’

“Ah yes, my mother always told me ‘Mirra, if you cannot dazzle them with your obvious brilliance, then baffle them with, over their heads, bull-sh*#. Understandably, with Anderson I used the latter dusted with brilliance.”

“Good thinking Dr. Arababe. He’s to self-absorbed and ignorant to ever figure that one out,” Sherri chortled with glee.

Unlocking the door to Missy’s little room, Mirra turned to Sherri and asked her to make sure the recording device for the children’s rooms was turned down to zero. By doing that, and not facing the cameras, it would appear that no one was speaking, and more importantly no sounds would be recorded.

Dr. Arababe walked into Missy’s room, and found a tiny little girl curled up on her side, facing her friend in the next room, silently crying. Mirra’s heart hurt more than it had ever hurt in her life.

Sherri came back into the room and said, “All’s clear doc.”

Turning her back to the camera, Sherri leaned down over Missy to feel her forehead. “Hey kiddo, are you alright?”

Mirra looked into the bluest eyes she had ever seen, “I am so sorry sweetheart. I wish this would have never happened to you and your friends.”

In Missy’s mind she heard Trevor say, “Ask her to let us go, I can feel that this upsets her, as much as it does us.”

“Please let us go back to our school. I don’t want to stay here any longer,” Missy said, her little child’s voice quivering with each word.

“I wish I could just let you go honey, but I cannot even get past the guards myself.”

Missy’s eyes opened wide with surprise. “You mean you’re locked in here too? Then why aren’t you in a room like we are?”

“I’m a scientist, and no it is not the same situation as yours. I am not allowed to leave because I know too many secrets, about this place. They are afraid that I may be forced to tell what I know to people from other countries.”

“But you don’t know anything,” Missy shut her mouth before she said anything more and was horrified that she had said that much.

Sherri raised an eyebrow and looked at Mirra. Mirra glanced at her and very slightly shook her head.

“Missy, you must be careful what you say, and to whom you say it. There at least three of us here who are going to try to figure a way to get you out of here, but there are more people here who cannot be trusted. Do you understand what I am telling you sweetheart?” Mirra said gently.

Missy did not answer her immediately; instead she turned to look at her friends through the transparent armored walls. Using telepathy she asked them, “What should I tell her, or how much should I tell her…”

Mirra and Sherri looked at each other, then back to Missy. “You should tell me only as much as you think I need to know, at this time, but only the truth,” Mirra said aloud.

Missy looked at Mirra and in her mind, she said, “You heard me? If you did, then answer me back, try using mind merge only.”

“I can hear you. At first, when I came into your room, I wasn’t sure if I heard anything, but I thought I heard whispering, “Mirra replied.

“I can hear you too, kiddo,” Sherri told her.

“Can you hear me also? My name is Jinnee Adler,” Jinnee’s shy voice said.

“My name is Nancy Stellar, and this place is disgusting. If you can hear us, then that means you are special too. “

“My Name is Andrew Aquinas. Can you do anything besides hear what people are thinking, or talking to others this way?”

Mirra and Sherri both heard each child as they spoke to them. Both women were surprised that after all these years, they had found not just one other person who could use telepathy, but four.

Sherri was the first to answer. “I can hear all of you.”

“Mirra are you hearing everyone talking, or is it just me?”

“It’s not just you Sherri, I heard them also.

Once again, using telepathy only, Mirra said, “Are there any more people with this talent, or did you become friends because both of you have the talent of telepathy?”

“It’s not telepathy that were using, it’s called mind merging,” Andrew answered quickly, purposely not answering both of Mirra’s questions.

“Is there a difference between the two,” Mirra asked, realizing Andrew did not want to answer her question, as she began entering notes on Missy’s blood pressure and pulse rate into her chart.

Sherri busied herself with checking Missy’s water thermos, and any other odd job she could think of to fill the time for the cameras. It wouldn’t do, for them both to be seen on the recording just standing staring at the children for too long,

Nancy answered saying, “Telepath’s send messages to each other over long distances, and you’re born with it. Like, when you get a feeling somebody really needs you, and when you go to them and they ask, ‘How did you know I needed you?’ Well that’s the first signs of  telepathy. “

“Yeah, and then after you learn how to use it as well as focus, then you can talk to others like you from far away, like Trevor and Ngame do,” Jinnee told them.

Mirra deliberately refrained from responding to the information Jinnee had just given her, after she heard the sharp intake of breath from Nancy and Andrew. “Ok, then how are you able to, what was it you said, mind merge?”

“Your professor teaches you, that’s how you learn to do it,” Missy answered, then smiled as Mirra silently told her that she had to go into Jinnee’s room.

She also explained to them about the cameras and audio surveillance that was always on them. Orders from General Anderson, she said then made an ugly face to show what she thought of the man.

“I wish I could have gone to your school. It sounds wonderful compared to the school I went to. I want to go to a school like that,” Sherri said in her whiniest voice.

“Mrs. Pettyjohn will let you come to our school, if you help us get back there,” Andrew said thoughtfully.

“Yeah, you and Dr. Arababe must be special too, because both of you can talk to us this way,” Jinnee told her.

“I am beginning to think you are right about that Jinnee,’ Mirra said thoughtfully.

“Dr. Arababe, if you’re not allowed to leave, then how will we ever be able to leave here?” Andrew asked.

“I’m not sure, Andrew, but there is at least one soldier on our side, I think,” Mirra pensively replied.

“PFC Barrett, he will help us. I know he will, because he didn’t give us full knock out shots,” Missy informed her.

“Missy, you weren’t supposed to tell anyone. He was good to us and we shouldn’t say things that will get him in trouble,” Nancy admonished.

“Don’t worry Nancy, Sherri and I will never tell anything we have learned tonight,” Mirra said as she finished getting the vital signs from Andrew, and leaving his room.

“Sherrie will bring your dinner to you at six o’clock. We will be back after that at nine tonight. Remember this though, if I or anyone ask you any questions using speech, do not give any information that you do not want the General, or anyone like him, to know.”

“Yes ma’am,” came four replies from four worried little children.

“Dr. Arababe,” Andrew silently called out to her.

“Yes Andrew,” Mirra answered, walking behind the console and out of the camera’s view.

“I think you’re a telepath. So would you mind trying to talk to our friends, and let them know what is going on in here? If you do talk to them, tell them we are alright now that we have you and Sherri and PFC Barrett.  I know that they must be worried about us. Please,” Andrew asked.

“I am not sure I know how to do it,” Mirra answered.

“It’s easy if you are  telepathic. All you have to do is call their name in your mind. If they hear you they will answer you,” Jinnee told her.

Will they talk even though they do not know me?”

Nancy answered this time, “If you call out their full names, they will know we trusted you enough to tell you about them. Not only will that, but you being able to talk to them lets them know you are like us.”

“That’s true enough. Alright then, we’ll do it. You give me one name, and the other to Sherri, and we will both try to reach them. If only one of us is a telepath, then it is worth a try. Are there others who may be able to help us get you out of here?” Mirra asked.

Yes ma’am came four replies at once.

“Then that is exactly what we will do. Now, who do I need to try to contact?” Mirra happily asked. Her spirits for the first time that day were lifted.

To be continued…


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