Journal #139

I have been lazy or tired today, not sure which. I will say tired, as I had to get up at four-thirty am yesterday morning. My son had his third surgery and is doing well, except for the pain. His foot is in a metal contraption that they call a halo, held in place with wires that go all the way through his ankle. I hope for his sake this will be the last surgery, except when they take the wires out.



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2 responses to “Journal #139

  1. Donna Griggs

    I’m sorry your son is going through so much. Pray he heals quickly and that he is even stronger than before. I woke up too early this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I’m tired already. Hopefully, I will get a surge of energy. Have a great day!

    • Hi Donna,
      Thank you for the prayer, we can never get too many of those. I will post the photo I have of his foot in the halo this morning, so that you and others can see what it looks like. I apologize for not getting to everyone’s blogs, to see what you have written this week, but it has been a trying week. I have company this weekend, but hope to visit the blogs tomorrow evening.
      Best wishes,
      CR Moore

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